the moon loves her sun (the sun loves his moon)

the moon loves her sun (the sun loves his moon)

A Poem by Tori Lynn

the description of the relationship between a anxious and scared moon and a proud and tired sun


The moon loves her sun 

The sun helps his moon 

They have their earth 

The moon has no light without him 

Sometimes, their earth blinds her 

Their earth, who they both share

They can get in each other's way 

Cast shadows on their earth 

But they still share the earth the same

The sun is harsh

He beats down on their earth 

 the people look up to him

The moon cools their people 

Casting light in their cold

The warm sun turned white as the moon sends their flowing waters crashing 

The sun takes these in the day

The moon freezes them when the sun cannot see 

Hoping to not let him take it away. 

The sun pushes out their earth 

The moon never can

There are times where the sun only shines 

on parts where the moon spends the least 

This does not mean the sun will never shine there again

He just needs his time 

The moon tries to understand 

She has no choice 

She doesn't know the commensalism 

She knows that he only gives her what he wants

That his light is never constant

So she has learned his patterns

she only waits for him

She cannot shine without his allowance 

But this only makes her need him more 

Sometimes the earth will block their light

The moon turns to fire

every wave crashes down with the force of her might

She feels so alone without her sun 

Nothing changes for him 

Or at least she cannot see

But the sun is waiting for her 

Without the moon the sun has so opposite 

Their earth is dark

he puts his rays with no remorse

Nothing works to heal his wounds tenderly 

only he exist 

His earth 

That revolves around him 

His earth 

Who he does not need to be alive 

Who he can choose to be without 

But it needs him

But the moon 

She needs her earth 

She needs their shared being between them

She works tirelessly to make her earth better 

the people destroy it

She tends to them 

 gives them light so they can not be afraid

they hurt themselves 

So much that they hide from the sun 

They are ashamed of what they done 

They only come out for condolences by the moon

Some are brave and belong to the sun 

The moon is someone they do not know

They are afraid of who she comes with 

They stay in the light of sun to keep her away

But the moon will never know the people who she does not try to 

So every so often she will try to see from the sun's place 

But she only blocks his light

She only makes him unable to shine 

She hurts her sun 

She hurts his people

So this instances are short lived 

only occur every so often 

When the moon is tired of her own people

When the moon is tired of pushing her own waves 

The sun tries to take away her work

He tries to lighten the water so the moon won't need to care 

But the moon is not bright enough to keep the water up

So it all falls back onto their earth

This is not the suns fault 

He is really trying 

But the moon cant help herself 

She is not strong enough on her own

she feels that the sun does not try to shine on her 

But he does

The sun reaches for his moon 

To give her light

for her to shine on her people 

To give them comfort

But her people stay dark 




Telling the moon how they need her 

So she can never go 

The moon is made of rock





Full of what is on the outside 

The sun is made of breath 

Inside he is energy 

With shots of himself bubbling over the surface 

He is a sphere of himself

will inevitably implode 

The people think this is their doing 

But they cannot help what will happen to their sun

The sun has many moons 

They revolve around their planets 

But no planet is like his earth 

No saturn nor venus 

No jupiter nor mars 

Because they have many moons 

They have many moons 

The sun still shines hard on these masses 

But none have people 

None can be his earth 

The moon stands before the other suns

Who she could have drifted to 

But her sun pulls her in 

Their earth wont let her go 

And she will not try anymore 

Sometimes the moon feels useless

Sometimes she feels like the suns behind her could be enough 

Like the tides should be released

she could let her people drown 

But then the sun makes clouds 

Clouds shaped like the beginning of their earth

And the moon remembers why she's needed 

The moon envies her sun 

The sun cannot help 

He cannot wrap her in himself 

She will burn

So the sun watches her pace 

Around their earth she goes

Around him 

The sun burns brighter as she goes 

Pulling her closer

But this burns her

makes her stay away from their people 

So he gives her space

He pushes away

Leaving their earth cold 

Bring death to his people 

Which makes her sad 

So he pulls her back in 

Again and again and again

And the people endure

Suffering and thriving 

At the expense of the moon or sun 

But the sun loves his moon 

The moon needs her sun

And they love their earth the same

© 2021 Tori Lynn

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Author's Note

Tori Lynn
this is my first poem and it symbolizes my relationship with my partner. i feel like it needs more.

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The sun pushes out their earth
The moon never can,

I enjoyed these lines here, deep write and full of feeling. you express yourself so well

Posted 6 Months Ago

Such an emotional, heartfelt read here...

Posted 6 Months Ago

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Added on November 17, 2021
Last Updated on November 17, 2021
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Tori Lynn
Tori Lynn

Hartsville, SC

i write to stop worrying about what's wrong with me more..