zombie boy

zombie boy

A Poem by Tori Lynn

she was in love with a zombie, but who was really dead?


Hello zombie 

You want a taste of my brain

A bite of my eye 

A sliver of my torso

A piece of my thigh 

I'll give it to you 

Take it 

You don't need to thank me 

You can if you want 

But please don't 

You're my sweet boy 

How could i take anything from you 

You don't have much

Being all dead and stuff 

Only what i give

Please don't yell

I know you're scared

I would be too

I'm sorry i have you locked up 

I just can't lose you 

please don't try to leave me

I know you won't 

When you're hungry i feed you 

You don't need to ask 

I'm always ready 

But somethings changing

My fingernails are sawed off

You haven't ate today 

Why not?

Oh no, do I smell?

Please eat

I'm not forcing you 

Im sorry 

You don't have to if you don't want to 

Nevermind im sorry 

Ill go to bed for the night 

Hold my thoughts 

And pray i can last another day 

i will do anything for you 

You're my sweet boy 

I wake up 

i think i hear you talking 

But you can't 

 i run to see you 

But you're quiet again 

Oh my sweet boy

i just heard you talking

Here take my breath

You need it more 

You look tired

Why do you look so tired

You were not tried last night

Did i keep you up

Im sorry 

I'll be quiet

Don't look at me with those eyes 

Im sorry 

Actually do 

I could stare into them forever 

They look so good

I'll go 

Leave you alone so you can talk

I heard you talk 

Ill pretend to sleep so i can hear you more 

My sweet boy 

Today you look healthier

Like my eyes gave you life 

I'm glad i could help you 

That makes me so happy 

Please be happy

Here take my teeth 

I want you to smile 

I must look kinda scary now

But i'm happy 

Its all for my sweet boy

I'm running out of things to give 

It doesn't hurt 

I wonder why you don't hurt 

Everyone else hurt 

But its like i don't even realize it's gone 

But I'll go rest again

I feel weird 

It's probably just a cold 

Oh no i hope i don't get you sick 

Im sorry my sweet boy 

I come back 

You're standing straight 

You're so tall 

But why do you look so fake 

I can touch you but why do you feel so warm  

You seem to do better when i'm gone 

Here take my voice 

I'll come back when i rest 

Im craving something 

I can't put my finger on it 

I wake up 

Something is different 

Am I awake?

Your clothes aren’t ripped 

Who washed your clothes?

I have been asleep all day 

When did you get out

Did another woman let you out?

I'll catch her 

Make her into food

I'll be back 

Let me get my hands on her 

But you're reaching for me

This is new 

You must be hungry 

Forget her 

I'll just add another lock 

You cant help yourself

She's probably a lot better tasting than me 

And i've been slacking on your portions 

I'll add another lock

This time the keys will stay with me

Not under the mat 

I kept them there just in case 

But i regret that now

I'll be right back 

My sweet boy 

Im sorry it has to be this way 

But i'm exhausted 

I need to sleep 

I feel dead 

But i want to do something special today 

The lights dont work 

Im sorry its dark 

But here's some food on silver plates 

You slam it down

Break the plates 

I'm so sorry 

Are you mad 

I'll clean it up 

Oh no 

I can see me 

What am i? 

I look like you 

What have i done

Here you are 

My sweet boy

But you look like me 

Are we both the same?

You look alive 

Am I in a cage?

What happened 

You're not a zombie 

Im craving again 

Oh no 

I'm the zombie 

Is that why it never hurts?

Is that why you were scared 

But you're not in a cage 

I am 

How did this happen 

I dont remember being bit 

But i know what i see 

You're alive 

In front of me 

Has it always been this way ?

© 2021 Tori Lynn

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Added on December 15, 2021
Last Updated on December 15, 2021
Tags: love, anxiety, her, mind, psychology, comfort, misery, zombie, teeth, cage, him


Tori Lynn
Tori Lynn

Hartsville, SC

i write to stop worrying about what's wrong with me more..