A Story by Scarlett-Helena

Thoughts produced during midnight reflection

There's no certainty that the experience could be exemplified elsewhere, but it is a tragically pleasant one; that of taking such a massive drag from a cigarette that one evening star becomes two within physical vision.

The second star is simply a product of habit and substance vulnerability. The first star could already be dead, would most certainly be dead if not for human observation. Much the same could be said for all personal affectations, the simplest being sadness.

Sadness brings about some sort of sticky fuel, presenting the need for records. Documenting becomes a way of life for a person who is afflicted with sadness and such latent tendencies seek out and inevitably achieve companionship. There's a specific need for the removal of rotted out words such as he, him, she, I, we, us, then.

We seek the affirmation of said removal in the form of giving complete and new life to them. When successful, the associations of them cease to be painful and begin to cause a politely bred happiness; a calm.

Much like the heavy indulgence of a cigarette, distraction from a sickening sadness can only come in hideous forms. One way or the other the process of distraction can be carried out in an unhealthy manner, often stressed a thousand times over by a vigorous aptitude for continuance of the act.

Emotions are quieted now though, when this silence conflicts with the message that needs to be carried out; that of recording this current sadness and that of expressing it. There should not be any derivative explanations placed here, no, they don't belong.

© 2012 Scarlett-Helena

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There is a need to preserve/document things when sadness, isolation has swept us away. I felt that message. I think it is why poetry was born. Now we have other tools to preserve with like film, photography, music and of course a ton of other visual art. All poetry. We have to record, in order to remember.... Really liked the contemplative flow of this, the tone. The questions raised.

Posted 8 Years Ago

I love this. A brilliantly worded, strong piece. Not one word seems out of place. It's a mixture of technical writing and raw emotion. Love the "Removal of rotted out words such as he, him, she, I, we, us, then". In seven words, you display an extraordinary amount of emotion without revealing too much. In fact, only revealing what the reader wants to take from that. Subtle writing is my favorite and you did a great job with it here.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Wow, really kind review and deeply analytical, AND I can tell it's honest! This basically made my ni.. read more

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Added on October 11, 2012
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