Sorry, No Dice

Sorry, No Dice

A Poem by therisa

As the hubbub
Over Charlie Hebdo
Dies down.

With its tempest
In a teapot
Around freedom of speech.

I wonder
If these defenders
Of free speech
Will be reconsidering
Their position.

On deliberately
Inciting others
By expressing
Or writing
Inflammatory words.

For I know
There are people
Who think
My very existence is
An abomination
To their "God".

Having myself
Been the target
Of such hateful words
And actions.

Who's usage
Was meant to belittle
And/or ridicule me
In the crudest fashion.

The feeble minded nitwits
Who laughed
At the great joke
They had.

By chasing me
In their car.

Before yelling
"What the f--k"
As they left.

For nothing exist
Outside of a vacuum
Like you imply
With your free speech

Only degrees
Of freedom
That applies
To everyone.

Of race religion
Or gender.

As you comment
From the safety
Of your living room.

Never having experienced
What it feels like
To be
On the receiving end
Of hate.

© 2015 therisa

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captcha: jessed

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There are things about humanity that lift us up,and cast us down,sad to say people aren't more evolved,well written.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I think we should all use better judgement in what we say. I teach my kids everyday the difference between a funny joke, and one in poor taste. Yet so many grown ups take jibes at one another or groups of people. Having said that, a joke directed in poor taste does NOT give one the right to go on a violent rampage.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Matching Socks

6 Years Ago

Shoot, I meant to say does not! Good grief!
Matching Socks

6 Years Ago

I better edit that... Sheesh.

6 Years Ago

It's ok, Ana. No harm taking, by your review.
i do agree to an extent...that even though we have the right to free speech, we also have the right not to hear hateful speech---and if it is done right in our face where we can't avoid it...that is dead wrong...and that kind of free speech infringes on the rights of others just as much.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Sadly, Jacob, too many people don't realize, freedom of speech exist, in degrees of freedom, and not.. read more
I agree that unless you experience something at first hand you cant truly write about how it must feel to experience it - not truly Therisa.
Walk a mile in my shoes comes to mind.
Im sorry you had to experience such hatred my friend. This is a cruel world indeed.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thank you, Anto, your words mean a lot. Given, what you have experienced, in your life, with hatred.

6 Years Ago

Happy Birthday Therisa :)

6 Years Ago

Thanks, Anto.

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Added on January 31, 2015
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Ontario, Canada

A pre-op transwoman, writing about my experiences, using free verse. Been told my poems are very emotional and personal, almost like a diary entry in verse. If you want to friend me, please review.. more..