A Poem by Theta S. T.

this is just a few things that go through my mind from time to time that I can never finish...I thought I'd share


Time passes

Life happens

Distance separates

children gorw up

jobs come and go

love waxes and taxes

men don't do what they are suppose to do

hearts break

parents sie

colleagues forget favprs

careeres end


no matter how much time and space is between us

your girls never futher away then you need her


in this new chapter of our lives

having no idea of the joys and sorrows that lays ahead


simply beautiful is what goes through my mind

seeing the pain in my eys as the moments get closer

I"m focused


this happy joy boy comes from a far way land where mountains

have eyes and roads can eat you up

where dragons somke bowls

and blow smoke up trees


I say hello

in the morning

in my mind I've been baptized

with some good mellow yellow

from that night before

when your man hood

came to meet my women hood

and we became one hood

nice to know

that you hood

fit within my hood

© 2008 Theta S. T.

Author's Note

Theta S. T.
everyone of these is from a different time in my life none of these go together there just phases that were never really worked through

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Added on June 29, 2008


Theta S. T.
Theta S. T.

San Antonio, TX

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