Lost in thought

Lost in thought

A Poem by Theta S. T.

again just trying to get some stuff out of my head


at a loss as always i have a plan

but where does it go from there?

do I have to contemplate the followings also?

is it going to be a complicated venue?

what kind of effort does is neccesary?

I again have so many questions that need to be answered

and I have no answers

is anything ever going to be easy

does a plan ever work itself out why does it have to be so complicated

I'm trying to reveal the secrets to so many more questions

and still I have no answers

I think the questions are starting to mulltiply

will it ever stop

why have unansweralbe questions

why does it have to be so hard

I'm thinking but there's nothing there

what should I do

please make it stop

I've taken my question to others

and old ones say "you are the only one that can answer that"

the young ones say "ask the old ones"

the ones inbetween try to help the the ultimate answer is still "your the only one that can answer that"

Well i can't and I don't think I ever will

it doesn't make sense

the questions are still unanswered

and I'm lost

wondering about the what if's

and the maybe's

I feel waisted like it just doesn't matter anymore

and I want to give up

but then the questions start to multiply to a higher number

if I give up and just let it go what if I missed out

and what have i missed?

it comes around and around always appearing

is this what I want to do

is there more out there for me

what else can i do

I've lived my life the only way i know how

and yet i still feel it slowly slipping away

these moments as the older ones say are up to me

i can only choose my destiny

and when that choice is made

I will see the benifits of my choice

till then I must wait...

I ramble on to a point to figure out what is in my head

but once it's out....it's out

and the words may not make much sense but

they have meaning


it's up to you.......

to figure it out!!

© 2009 Theta S. T.

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Added on May 6, 2009


Theta S. T.
Theta S. T.

San Antonio, TX

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