A Poem by the tipsy writer

Heat. I hate this stupid heat. I should be in Alaska, maybe Antarctica.

115. That's not a real temperature, right? Too much heat. Stupid heat.

But hey, you're from Indiana, right?

You guys have heat?

Well, kinda. It's very wet.

Like stepping out of a shower and never getting dry. Not like Florida though…

At least Floridians have the beach.

Remember when in snowed? I hated that too.

Wished I was in San Diego.

But hey, you're from Indiana, right?

I'm sure you're used to snow.

No, not really… well maybe in northern Indiana.

But southern Indiana is not so bad.

Ten minutes from Kentucky… I'm almost a southerner.

No one understands Indiana. Midwesterner? Not really.

More like Mideasterner but that has a different meaning.

Indiana. Iowa. Idaho…. To my friends in Maine it's all the same.

But I've been to Idaho and I promise it's not the same.

Hey, you're from Idaho, right?

No… but we, no they, share some values. I don't share those values.

It makes me sad. Pandemic. Election. Insurrection.

But geez… 115? Is this our fault? The world heating us up to kick us out.

Do we deserve to be kicked out?

At this point probably. Can I hate and love my species at the same time?

We're animals. Just like rabbits. They sure didn't cause this. Too busy f*****g.

Save the bunnies and all that but I read Watership Down- conniving SOB's.

So instead I'll worry about me. Selfish, probably, but I don't like 115.

I don't like fires and breathing in smoke.

I don't like seeing old mattresses on the street.

Destined for the landfill. Who picks up old mattresses on the street?

Imagine everyone leaving a mattress on the street.

No wonder things have hit 115.

© 2021 the tipsy writer

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Added on June 29, 2021
Last Updated on June 29, 2021


the tipsy writer
the tipsy writer


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