Bad Trip

Bad Trip

A Story by The Unknown Sith

I love my goat...



   Beating on my chest, I told him “I’m not f****n’ ill-iterate!” and then spit my tooth at him. Bewildered, this wounded beast stared at me like a deer in my headlights.I continued by yelling viciously at him “I got three left you happy?” he slapped me! I had a Gomer Pile surprise, surprise, a look attacked to my face as I said “What’s that for?”. He bowed up “A b***h slap for a b***h!” He replied as I poked him in the eye.
   On the ground, he now stumbled and moaned as I pulled out my phone, dialing 911 and as the phone rang, I proceeded to beat him with it. It took about a good minute for the operator to get on the call “911 what seems to be the problem?” said the women operator on a half. smashed phone. “He slept with my goat!” I yelled as I kicked him in the belly all the while mumbling in under breath “son-of-ah-b***h!” “What?” the 911 operator replied. “My favorite goat!” I yelled as tears formed in my hallucinogen eyes and started to cry as I continued my reply “He fucked my favorite goat!” sobbing away “…and she liked it!”

   I could hear in the background of my pain her voice in vain “Sir, do you realize you called 911?” I replied while kicking him in the knee as he crawled upon the ground. “Do you realize you’re talking to me?” the heartless women’s voice returned into my world of sorrow “What?”. I sobbed out “the goat...she used to love me!” This stone-cold woman in the form of a 911 operator returned again with “Sir, this is an emergency line, do you understand…” I interjected with a soul so dejected “I understand you don’t but, you would if you had a goat!” She replied “What?”. I said “exactly” as I hung up on her.
   I looked at him a bloody mound upon the ground as the goat came over and licked his bloody face. With a discussed look I shook my head and said to my love, my goat, “oh ok I see now, I see it f*****g now!” louder now “You choose him over me? You’re a disgusting little c**t! And to think I let you eat all my f*****g shirts!” She looked at me with uncompromising eyes; as if she had no idea what I was talking about! As I fell to my knees sobbing, I stoked her hairy chin while she chewed on my sleeve. Without question, I gave her the shirt off my back and she ate that. When she was done, she went over to him and ate his shirt off his lifeless body. She was a user, a user of men’s hearts. And as she tore mine from my chest. I felt a shortness of breath. Suffocating and sobbing-now in the fetal position, the pounding lights behind me seemed to find me, as cuffs were placed. I pass out, exiting this place in disgrace. Still seeing her face…

   I woke up in detox, in a brick box, with no socks, next to a guy with dreadlocks. My wrist is locked to the bed a nice knot is raised on my head. After a while, I start to realize I awoke from a bad trip and, due to the drugs, I am told, I hallucinated all that s**t but, still, that doesn’t explain the goat hair on my dick.... ..sick….sith unknown... ..sick….sith unknown... by The Unknown Sith

© 2022 The Unknown Sith

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Added on October 28, 2015
Last Updated on August 2, 2022
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The Unknown Sith
The Unknown Sith


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