A Poem by The Unknown Sith

Cycle of life



A carcass

A starving artist
an unwilling mortar

in a place where even hero’s fall in disgrace
it’s the final scene that didn’t end like a sweet candy coded dream
in a gasp and a violent twitching of the nerves, firing on all cylinders for the last time
in an attempt at a grand speckle

Unfortunately denied, not caught by the untrained eye
legs running no ware

To an act of nature that is void of emotion and seemingly brutally unfair
for in this there are no real rules

Only fools who abide by them till they get broken by the very thing
like a neck

Oh mother will keep her population in check

As angels sing a forgotten song

Sirens; soothing your restless soul till death takes a hold

The pain that allies you is finally gone

Circling above they spiral down scavenging the ground
as they pick at you

Your spirit long ago left this place

You have fallen but, not in disgrace
as your death like your remains

helps keep alive the cycle

For you are the needed link in the chain.

by the unknown sith


Covered in filth, plagued by guilt, A flower of wilt, world on the tilt, covered in disease like a quilt overtaken by a reality slightly shaken, awaken to a place without a face, without design inside the mind of the blind, not knowing the form of shapes, or the purpose it takes, it simply awaits the flood of ideas, the body of work, around every corner what lurks? Is it an amazing vision or a schism with no char-ism, sown together like an incision, holding together the fabric of time… Until next time

© 2016 The Unknown Sith

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Added on November 2, 2015
Last Updated on January 25, 2016
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The Unknown Sith
The Unknown Sith


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