Going down?

Going down?

A Story by The Unknown Sith

“Going down?”

    The elevator door is about to close. Yes, the kids are asleep on this our last night at the resort. And yes, daddy did sneak out in the middle of the night to get a mellow yellow from the hallway vending machine which turned out to be on the floor below. I am now on my approach back to the room; mellow yellow in hand. Waiting for the elevator doors to close and bring me back to my floor. When she slides in like a hot zombie just as the door was closing; with this the elevator door retracts back. She giggles at it, as she slammed into the inside elevator wall beside me. Her mascara is an utter mess and running. She is armed in a black short skirt, f**k me pumps, and some kind of white ruffle top; that has succeed in pushing up her b***s. Her hair; brunette, is wet from maybe a pool or the shower. She is tall with amazon looking legs. She looks a little younger but, legally fine! She is a close nine or ten in the looks department. With me being a five or six depending how you feel about gravity challenged bad boys. Point: she is out of my league and seemly very drunk or rolling. Either way she is not very aware of her surroundings witch was evident when she fell into me, leaned her head down against mine from the side.

   So here I am with a hot amazon leaning on me like giraffe on a lowering tree; with a sweating mellow yellow in my hand while I look quit dumbfounded. The elevator beeps as the door tries to close for its second attempt. The beep awakens my not so little sleeping beauty. She immediately stares at me with a look of surprise. I expect a “who are you?” or “I’m sorry!” but, what I get is a dive in by her into a steamy lip lock with me. Now there are many logical, mature, and right things to do in this situation. Like removing her lips from mine but, at this moment my mind suggested a different logic; like: This could be my only chance to get this close more over kiss a women of her caliber.

   So I throw any rational thought to the wind and embrace her with my hand palming the side of her face my fingers caressing right under her ear as I take control of the kiss, dominance. She gives a little moan at my advance pressure as we locked harder with tongues blazing wild. Her hands go to my shoulder and stoking my flexing arm. My hands go immediately to her a*s and tits; cupping both. I’m a man what did you expect? What I didn’t expect is what I heard next “What the f**k!?!” As quick as it started I retracted from our passionate embrace to see a quite angry man’s face. I was obviously stunned by this and before I could utter “oh s**t!” I was hit. In the same face I was kissing his girl with; I might add. I could tell you how we had this epic fight and all the cool Kung fu moves I did but, the truth is I slid up against the wall holding my jaw as I slid down and lied upon the elevator floor.

   What happens next is kind of fuzzy for obvious reasons. As he takes her arm and starts to lead her away while yelling at her. I start to get up not too fast cause one, I don’t want him to attack me again and two, I don’t think I can. As I look up at them starting to walk away I see her looking back at me. He’s is bitching at her about how could she do that to him and strange men in elevators as she keeps saying sorry I know baby! But, none of that is clear or matters it’s what she says next that sticks with me and makes the sore jaw worth it. She says in a calm, kind of trashed, and justifying voice “but he was a real good kisser..He has big lips!.”. While he misses this as just her drunken ramblings I don’t. A smile attacks my face as my jaw reminds me to lower my head just as he looks back at me. I lay there as they disappear and the elevator doors finally closes.

   The elevator take me back to my floor. Where I sneak back in like a wounded ninja. When the morning comes calling so do my kids who find me with an ice bag on the side of my face. My daughter is first on the scene looking at me “What happen daddy?” She ponders. I reply “Daddy fell.” She looks around as if she doesn’t want fall victim to the same thing that got daddy. Half concerned as she tip toes right to my unopened can of mellow yellow. With the look of concern getting less and less for daddy and more and more for the question she really wants to ask. She looks at me with those puppy dog eyes and asks “can I have this?” To sore to enjoy it and speak for long periods of time I wave her the parental go ahead. And as she tips the can up devouring the evidence before my son gets up. I look away drifting off smiling, replaying in my mind that late night kiss remembering all ten seconds of it like it was hours of uncontrollable passion replaying it over and over till my jaw reminds me to stop smiling cause like love it hurts…but, worth it.


by the unknown sith

© 2016 The Unknown Sith

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Overall it's pretty wild.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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Added on January 7, 2016
Last Updated on January 25, 2016
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The Unknown Sith
The Unknown Sith


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