“Oh God you Devil!”

“Oh God you Devil!”

A Story by The Unknown Sith

the bloodclot

“Oh God you Devil!”

   He was 33 years old and the tumors have his brain. Each one he has them tear out seems to make him go more insane. Drained, his will to fight barely has anything left as he pushes demons from his chest.
   He was surrounded by blood sucking leeches and hovering vultures. The leeches took his very last drops of life as the vultures picked at his fat pockets which he has become too weak to defend. The 3-piece scavengers exit the hospital room with expressionless faces. With business attire and briefcases that held signatures of liability, making that fact no longer theirs to share. A nod to a mother and child upon exit and with that they disappeared like their cares over the whole affair. “Amen!” The preacher said finishing the last rights. The man could hear the creature scurry among the night as God turns down the lights. For him the world of the living went silent.

   Now the time has come for his soul to be judged. He had amassed a great wealth but, his methods in doing so was something to be desired. He too played the role of the vulture; swooping down on defenseless prey and taking every last cent like a blood craving leach. All his shady dealings had casted a shadow on his life. Being true to his family while important was the only thing he was willing to do right. His other dealing had no trace of feelings, dark and empty like an abandon night. His sins flying on the wing of the devil himself. His life weighed out on the scales as the creature of the dark circled waiting to come in and feast on sin.
   But, what happen next he did not expect to see. See the light of God suddenly shined overhead of the man. This surprising return made demons shed as he looked upon her glory. He did not understand for he knew that he was not what you would call a good man.
   But, as God explained she would take him away from this pain. For his goodness as a husband and father he would enter her kingdom. But, for his evilness of his method of success she would take him from the ones he loves and she would do so now early in his life-never to see his wife again till her death-never to see his daughter grow and blossom into the women she’d become. She would forsake him from witnessing the birth of his grandchildren and he would have to wait in heaven till when and if they returned to god's arms. Then and only then would they be together again. The man agreed and floated off to heaven.

   The mother and daughter mourn the falling husband and father. They too knew he was not good to the rest of the world and feared the worst for his soul. This is when the devil entered; hissing a snake like deal he said “You know your fathers with me for eternity and on the path your both currently on your will never see him again!"
   The devil’s lies were unknown in their eyes. He offered them a deal to be reunited with the man and all it would take is for them to take the devil’s hand! The devil closed with this question “Would it really be heaven without him their?” Grief striking by the lost; the mother and daughter agreed for they knew the father, the husband surely dwelled in hell.
   So the mother and daughter after many year of many sins by the devils command after taking his hand, fell to hell only to find that the father, the husband, was not there. At this very moment in heaven it was revealed to the man the devil’s plan and how his family was eternally damned. God would not accept them in her hands for they took the devils instead.    
   The man fell to his knees in pleas to no avail from a God he quickly and forever would despise as heaven became hell in his eyes. From below in hell the devil laughed as he could hear the man’s screams from above. As the devil now possessed all that was good about the man and all he loved. This his eternal pain was more precious to the devil then a tainted soul.
By the unknown sith

© 2020 The Unknown Sith

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Added on March 20, 2020
Last Updated on March 22, 2020


The Unknown Sith
The Unknown Sith


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