The main charaters

The main charaters

A Chapter by Weeping Willow

There's 4 main characters but the other doesn't come in till later


Name: Damon (male)

Age: 17

What monster/ angel/ demon are you? Not telling

Weapon: my rose

Wings (both): beautiful black ones and hopeful a cute girl

Pets: like I said my rose

What the teachers think of him: well all the girls like him and he has one or two male friends


Name: Elpis (female)

Age: 16

What monster/ angel/ demon are you? Why don’t you guess

Weapon: magic spells

Wings (both): my wings change on my mode same with my hair and don’t have one yet

Pets: well I want a dog or a cat I guess

What the teachers think of her: well when she crashed into the hall we didn’t know want to do.


Name: well you can call me queen

Age: 16

What monster/ angel/ demon are you? Demon/ vampire

Weapon: a metal pole

Wings (both): black and don’t need wings

Pets: demon dogs three of them

What the teachers think of her: evil

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Weeping Willow
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this seems quite pointless to add... shouldn't they be described in the story?

Posted 10 Years Ago

This is a good sneek-peek on the characters but idk if it's completely nesecary. You could add a little more on then tho and it would make the chapter feel a little more solid. I understand if you don't want to give away to much before the story begins tho^.^ I really like how you added what the teachers think of them tho that's pretty cool:P and as for the evil part for Queen is evil a good thing or a bad thing in this book?

Posted 10 Years Ago

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