Chapter 2

Chapter 2

A Chapter by Weeping Willow

Dede's Daughter


It’s been two days since the first day of school and now Damon is walking towards the nurse office. When Damon enters a pillow hits his face, so he walks off but before that happens someone grabs his hand “I’m sorry, this is the second time we’ve meet and I just keep being rude.” Says the girl, Damon looks at her

“You must be ready to go and see who your wing is by now?” Damon says sitting down on a chair

“Well, I don’t go to this school, I’m 16 and don’t’ want to go to this school.” Says the girl sitting down “My father wants me to join this school, but I don’t I don’t want to come here.”

“Why not?” Damon says, the girl looks at him

“The leaders said I should go to school early, but I don’t want to.” The girl says

“Then I repeat my question, why not?” Damon says sitting next to her

“Well it’s because of my wing,” the girl replies

“Your wing,” says Damon looking into her eyes

“Yes, he’s terrible and if I go to this school it’ll only get worse.” She says trying not to look at Damon

“What if your wing wasn’t your wing?” Damon asks as Dede walks in, Dede looks at him

“What do you mean?” Dede says almost yelling, the girl looks at Dede

“Well it seems this girl doesn’t want her wing, so I asked her if she would go to this school if she had a different wing.” Damon says standing up

“Really and what did she say?” Dede replies

“Yes,” Damon says without saying a word of this to the girl.

“Is this true Elpis,” Dede asks, Elpis stands up and says

“Yes father, it’s true.” Dede smiles,

“Well then you can begin class right away, but Damon I want you to look after her.” Dede says

“Wait what,” Elpis says

“Well, Damon is your real wing Elpis. And we were waiting to see if you might meet him all by yourself.” Dede says leaving the room, Damon smiles

“Well it’s nice to meet you Elpis,” Damon says kissing her hand. 

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Weeping Willow
Terrible grammar

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This is really interesting:)! I'm liking it so far:)

Posted 9 Years Ago

It's really good but I don't know what is a wing is it someone?

Posted 10 Years Ago

Weeping Willow

10 Years Ago

Wing is the oppsite monster

10 Years Ago


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