Midnight Valley- preview

Midnight Valley- preview

A Story by Weeping Willow

This book is more funny than anything, but their are serious bits.



My mask in never seen, let it lets me see the unseen. My mask is not the true me, it is a lie that buried me.

Now that I think back I was foolish, too think about my mask and what it meant. I always thought it was a fake me, but now I see the mask is a part of the true me. Too bad I was unable to realise this sooner, my mask is half of the true me. I, I mean the true me is hard to understand, so maybe writing this down is a good thing. Although Kat would probably write our story differently skipping major details and Krystal would make the story more lovely- dovely. I am here to write our story the way I want you guys to understand, I am here to write the truth. I going to write the truth and every word we have felt up until now. This story is about me and my friends, but really it’s about my discovery of the real me.

The real me never lived in the world, until 2 months before the worst day of my friends lives. That was the beginning of me, and the birth of a new world.   


Scooby doo- “The reason I don’t like chairs.”

I look around the class room, the rain it’s helping the situation one bit. Dam, if my leg wasn’t hurt Krystal and I could go on the roof, but for now we have to stay in this classroom and hope they don’t find us. I slowly look at my leg hoping the colour hasn’t changed, I try to lift up the bandaged but the dry blood has basically glue it to my leg. It hurts but I have to rip of the bandage to check,

“OWWW,” I wail out in pain, trying not to shake I use my top to clean away some of the dry blood. Dam was the only word I could think of, “It’s started to change colour,” Krystal slowly walks over and see my leg,

“F**k, we have to get out of here, and get some medicine for you.” Krystal almost yells, I slap her across the face. “Sorry, just a bit upset.” I look into her eyes, she’s upset but there’s more fear in her eyes more than anything. But then again even if we fear what will happen we know that if one of us is injured we won’t leave them behind, that just how we survive now. So even if I begged her to leave me she wouldn’t, and even if she did Dean would either kill her or safe me before I died. That just seems to be the way things work now; I have to forget how people use to abandon comrades to save themselves. The world is no longer like that, but another thing I need to stop thinking like this when our lives are endanger.

“Focus on the problem at hand,” I whisper as the painkillers wear off. The pain is hard, I have never coped with pain well, but I have to look strong if Krystal sees her leader falling apart who know what she’ll do.

“I have an idea,” Krystal shouts. She’s too loud they’ve heard us, and the walk into the classroom surrounding us. Our exits blocked, and they can probably smell my blood and hear our breathing. The moaning is deafening, the dead body skink to high heaven,  their skin is blue and just like a dead corpse they are rotting away.

Krystal grabs the nearest chair, and I stand behind her while she is about to hit the window with it, but that was a mistake on my part. Just as she swings it back she hits me with the chair and I am knocked out.                      

Huntress- “That demon isn’t my brother.”

 All the boys leave the room, but during our meeting I noticed one of the boys was missing. But a few minutes later he walks in, and Kat throughs ten pencils at him all at once.

“The only reason you’re still alive is so I can find out where Oreo is.” Kat yell pushing him against a wall,

“Maybe she doesn’t love him like I thought,” I say out loud. I get a smile from the boy and a death glare from Kat.  

“WHAT GAVE YOU THE IDEA THAT I EVEN WHAT TO SEE HIM, AS SOON AS I FIND OREO HE’S DEAD!” Kat yells, I slowly walk towards her and pull her away from her brother.

“Who the hell is Oreo?” I ask trying to make sure she doesn’t kill him while I talk.

“The only man she won’t hurt, I mean I don’t mind when she gets rough but sometimes I want her to be gentle with Me.” her brother replies, her death glare reaches his eyes and he laughs. “You know how to turn me on,”

At those words the big wooden table in the room went flying into his head, poor guy if he didn’t say that he may have lived to see another day.

© 2013 Weeping Willow

Author's Note

Weeping Willow
Terrible grammar, it's only preview of the book.
hope you like it and comment on any mistakes.

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Weeping Willow
Weeping Willow

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