the pain inside us all

the pain inside us all

A Poem by Amunet_wound

the pain inside us all
i stand her watching you kill all of my loves
so alread dead some not
and all i can do is watch as you walk tword me
you kiss me then rip of my close
then you fucck me
rape me
as you wiper in my ear do not tell a soul
you walk away as if nothing happen leaving me here
shacking in fear
not wanting to move
wanting to forget the you spoke
in your finale lust for me
you come back and help me to my feet
then kiss me wants more
as you wisper in my ear
you are mine and only mine
as you unbotten my shirt
then rip off my pant
fuccking me
rapeing me
onces more
yet this time i just cry
not saying anything
just lay there a take it
as you fucck me
rape me
and there noithing i can do
as you hit me
and thour me againt the brick wall
making me bleed
you lick my blood away
as my tears rush down
wanting it all to stop
and you disapper
my lustful lover'
my dream haunter
that gain a vocies and more
lust for me
you hunger for me like a wolf
you hunt me like a wild animale
bleeding from my head and faces as i run
from you
yet i don't want to
my lustful lover
my dream haunter
as you catch me
to fucck me
rape me
then leave me crying
in my puddle of tears
and blood
holding tight to my sainty
as you hit me
over and over
making me bleed
and cry more
my lustful lover
my dream haunter
just leave and let me cry
in my dark cell
just let me be
leave me
my lustful lover
my dream haunter

© 2008 Amunet_wound

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Very provocative and powerful...This is full of excellent imagery and incredible talent...The misspellings, typo's and grammatical errors are so numerous that it hinders this beautiful piece of work with scars of tattered reading....This is very difficult to read with an uneven tempo but has the potential to be a great work with stimulating emotion...

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on April 17, 2008



cape coral, FL