Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by They.Call.Me.Mo





The hollow sockets seemed to stare back at me, longing for life, as the oddly familiar fanged-toothed boy lost his grip on reality. I could tell exactly when his heart stopped, the color draining out of his face. I began to weep silently, holding him close in my arms, just before a hoarse scream woke me from my ghoulish nightmare.

            “Down with the sickness” by Disturbed blared, echoing through my bedroom and probably the rest of the house, to wake me up at five thirty in the morning. I dragged my cold body out of bed, feeling drained from the late night before, and into the small bathroom attached to my room after turning down the volume on my radio alarm clock.

I switched on the red heating lamp first, hoping that some warmth could help me wake up from my practically chronic state of mind, and then the regular light. Starting with my eyes closed, I slowly opened them to adjust to the abrupt brightness, squinting into the mirror.

I looked absolutely trashed; my black scene-styled hair stood up and out in every direction possible, there were black smudges of eyeliner across the top half of my face, and my old sweats only added to the shabbiness. I looked like crap. Luckily, considering how long I’d stayed up watching horror movies at my friend’s pre-Halloween party, it wasn't too bad.

“You up?” my mom knocked on the door.

“Yeah,” my throat was sore, probably from sleeping with the fan on.

“’Kay, hurry up and get dressed. Blayre should be here within the hour.”

“Alright,” I turned on the sink faucet. The sound seemed to pound in my head. I’ll just say that I didn’t exactly ignore the booze calling to me that night.

I listened to my, clueless, mother walk down the stairway. Now that I thought of it, only my closest friends knew the real me. They were the only ones who knew all of my flaws, likes, beliefs, and disbeliefs. Sometimes I wasn't sure if I even knew who I was. Those thoughts usually only revealed themselves in the darkest of moments, though.

I'd gotten most of the way ready when my IM "twinged". I trudged over to the laptop and plopped into my chair.


Blayre_Witch: u up??

VivTate13: yeah. you coming over soon?

Blayre_Witch: u bet. i'm leavin in a couple mins.

VivTate13: then y did u feel the need to IM me???

Blayre_Witch: teehee HI!

VivTate13: omg. srsly?

Blayre_Witch: am i not allowed to want to say hello to my oh so irritable friend this fine morning??

VivTate13: i am NOT irritable

Blayre_Witch: o oh so HUNGOVER friend

VivTate13: eh. u have no proof

Blayre_Witch: o plz i was rite there w/ u. how much do u remember?

VivTate13: most of it. we can talk when u get ur scrawny l'il butt over here. now hurry up ;P teehee

Blayre_Witch: kk XD c u soooon!

*Blayre_Witch is offline.*


I sighed and pushed my chair away from the desk. Blayre was such a sweetheart and I loved her to death. She’d always been there for me. She’d taught me everything I’d known about the harsh social world. She was older than I by only a few months, but she knew so much. She was my best friend.

I finished getting my things in order, and I headed downstairs. I trudged from step to step, each muffled stomp ringing in my ears. I cringed at every noise. Then the front door burst open right in front of me.

“Honey, I’m home!” Blayre always had to make sure the whole neighborhood was awake.

“Holy s**t! Keep it down, loudmouth!” I covered my ears and scowled at her, “How can you be so enthusiastic after last night?”

“Oh, you’re such a lightweight, my dear little Vivvie,” she replied closing the door and practically dancing over to me.

“Don’t call me that. You know I hate that,” then I grinned a smug little grin, “Don’t make me come over there and shank a ho.”

Her eyes widened in the act of innocence, “Gasp, who me? I’m just an innocent little Blayre. No ho’s here. I believe you’re out of luck.”

“Damn, and I was so looking forward to it.”

For us, this was a perfectly normal morning filled with all its taunting and teasing.

“You ready to go?” Blayre asked twirling her keychain on her index finger.

“Shh… You’re so loud.” I put my finger to her mouth and grabbed the keys, “I need my Pop Tart first.” I walked around the corner to the kitchen.

“M’kay, hurry if you want coffee,” Blayre said.

“Coffee?” I poked my head back around the corner.

“Yes, coffee. Now, seriously, hurry up. I need my double chocolate chip frappucino in order to live through the day.”

“Sam I am,” I came back around the corner with my backpack and frosted cherry Pop Tart in hand, “’Kay. Now I am ready to face the cruel world.”

Blayre looked down, “In your fuzzy frog slippers. Alright let’s go!”

I looked down at my feet, “Crap, hold on. Let me get my shoes.”

I dropped my backpack and ran back upstairs to get my shoes. I kicked off the slippers toward my bed and pulled the purple Vans over my already socked feet. Then I ran back downstairs.

I was quiet on the steps and Blayre was facing the door so she didn’t see me either. What I saw was an interesting sight. She was twirling her keys again, but this time, they weren’t touching her at all. She was making the twirling motion with her finger, but now the keys were floating, spinning about three inches above her hand.

“How do you do that?” At the sound of my voice, the keys clattered to the floor. Blayre spun around.

“You startled me,” she said bending over to get the keys again, “How do I do what?”

“The floating key thing.”

“Honey, your head hurts, you’re seeing things. There were no floating keys,” I could hear a very slight tint of anxiety in her voice but I thought nothing of it.

I brushed it off thinking she was probably right, “A’ight whatever. Let’s go.”

We finally made it out the door and into her beautiful yellow Hummer. I jumped into my reserved seat in the front passenger side.

“Shotgun!” I called dibs.

“No s**t, Sherlock.”

“Everyone knows you’re laughing on the inside,” I smiled smugly.

“Who’s everyone?” she asked raising an eyebrow.

“Me and my imaginary friends.” I pulled the door closed and giggled as I buckled my seat.

“Hmm… Maybe you should get that checked out,” She suggested teasingly.

“Yep, right after I sing a duet with a Teletubbie.”

“That could be arranged.”

“Off to Starbucks! Dum dah-dum!” I did my best superhero impression, pumping one fist into the air.

“I’m starting to think you don’t need it.”

We went through the drive-thru at the overly franchised coffee shop and ordered our drinks.

“Alright where’s the butterscotch schnapps for my mocha?” I asked sarcastically.

Blayre laughed, “Maybe you should hold off on that at least until school’s over.”

“Sigh, if you insist.”



* * *

The school day was just as boring as any other. The last bell finally rang with the sweet sound of freedom for the following two days. I walked out into the clear autumn air. The fog was relatively clear for Half Moon Bay, California. The sun shone with reflective clarity from between clouds in the afternoon sky.

I slipped the other strap of my backpack onto my shoulder and spotted Blayre’s Hummer pulling up to the sidewalk. She pushed open the door for me. I jogged over to the massive vehicle and climbed in quickly, “Where are we going?” I asked, closing the door. I tossed my bag into the back seat and pulled the seat belt across my chest.

“Shopping,” she said simply with a smirk.


“Why not?”

I shot her an exasperated look, “Why?

“It’s a surprise.”

“I hate surprises.”

“You’re gonna love this one.”

“I’m pretty sure I’ll figure it out when I see what we’re getting.”

“I highly doubt that.”

“Hey! I am quite clever, you know,” I tapped my temple with my index finger.

“But you’ll never guess it.”

I begged her with my eyes. Only I could pull off the puppy-dog look with Blayre. Any others were trying for a lost cause.

“Fine. There’s a party tonight.”

“Yay!” I smiled and bounced in my seat slightly.

“Not your kind of party,” I stopped bouncing. Blayre paused, still smiling, “It’s time you see some of my traditions.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ll see,” she flashed me a sly smile and I sat silently for the better part of the drive to downtown Half Moon Bay. Wondering.


            Blayre parked beside a meter and I pushed some quarters into the slot.

            “We have an hour,” I said.

            “That should be plenty of time,” She clapped her hands together, “Alright, we’re going there first.” She pointed to a small white boutique across the street. A wide variety of white dresses and colorful accessories showed through the storefront window. I couldn’t help but ponder my thoughts to try to discover wherever we could possibly be going.

            “You’ll never guess,” Blayre sang. I rolled my eyes and stuck out my tongue at her like a third-grader, “Come on.” We stepped off of the sidewalk and jay-walked across the empty street.

            The door handle was decorated with a string of bells that rang softly, yet obnoxiously, when the door was pulled open. A friendly-looking young woman stood behind the main counter working from a large textbook. Her cheek was settled on an open palm as she shifted her weight from one foot to the other. Her red hair was pulled back in a neat ponytail.

            When she heard the bells, she lifted her head and pushed her thinly-framed rectangular glasses back to the bridge of her nose. A smile of familiarity instantaneously stretched across her features when she saw us.

            “Blayre! It’s so nice to see you! Who’s your friend? Vivienne? Oh, it is, isn’t it?” she exclaimed, excited, with a slight Texan accent. She walked from behind the counter and opened her arms for embrace.

            “Hey, Trihn,” Blayre smiled and met her with open arms, “Vivvie, this is Trinity. Trihn, Vivienne.”

            “Trinity, that’s such a pretty name,” I complimented, offering my hand for a handshake.

            “Oh, come here, Darlin’,” she pulled me into a bear hug, “I’ve heard so much about you. Keepin’ my Lay-Lay, here, in check?”

            “Lay-Lay?” I asked, with an eyebrow raised. Blayre giggled nervously. Trinity didn’t hear me.

            “So I’m supposing you’re here for Samhain gowns?” Trinity asked, walking toward a door at the back of the store. She waved us to her.

            “You’re supposing right,” Blayre said.


            “I’ve got just the selection this year. I think you’ll love them,” said Trinity, unlocking the door.

            “I want to go all out this year. I heard you got the new perfume?”

            “You heard correct. It’s heavenly,” she pushed the door open and the scene transformed instantly. Rather than white walls, this half of the store was colored in various shades of oranges and grays. Candles glowed on every shelf and tabletop. The smell was deliciously intoxicating, like the musk of a perfume with the deep cleansing scent of an exotic bouquet. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply.

            “Mmm, smells like home,” said Blayre, “I see Viv likes it, too.”

            I blushed and nodded. Trinity had already disappeared.

            “Trihn?” Blayre called.

            “In here,” she replied. We walked through a small archway that dangled with dark beads for a curtain.

            Wood shelves lined the candle-lit room with small wicker cubbies upon them. Each compartment had a slip of paper taped to it with the name of an herb or plant on it. There was a section with words that I didn’t know. In the center of the room sat a mahogany knee-high coffee table with vases of powders and long-stemmed dried plants.

Against the back wall was a long silver clothes-rack draped with white and earthly-colored skirts, dresses, and blouses. Trinity sifted through them quickly, “Here,” she held a simple dress up for us to see.

“That’s perfect,” said Blayre as we walked to the back wall.

“Where are we going?” I asked finally.

“She doesn’t know?” Trinity gave Blayre a puzzled look.

“No, it’s a surprise,” Blayre replied.

“I don’t like surprises,” I was ignored.

“She should know. She’s human. You don’t want to scare her,” said Trinity

“Human?” again, I was ignored.

“Right… I forgot,” said Blayre.

“Humans are sensitive.”

“Hey! I’m human! I’m sensitive! Tell me?” Blayre finally turned to me.

“Samhain. We’re going to Samhain tonight,” she said.

“What’s that?”

“The witch’s new year.”

© 2010 They.Call.Me.Mo

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This is so intriguing! Please post some more as soon as you can!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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The prologue, packed with suspense, sets up a good picture for the reader. Chapter 1 does a greatjob in describing and making pictures in the readers head. It also adds a sense of more real and non fictional relationship between two friends. Can't wait for more!

Posted 10 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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