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Chapter One

Chapter One

A Chapter by They.Call.Me.Mo

Molly ran for her life. She ran through the once golden field than now glistened with the melancholy emanating from the silver moon. She had made the mistake of leaving the safety of an enchanted home and now she was losing blood fast. The gashes torn across her collarbone refused to heal as the other scratches that covered her body already had. Venom was the trick, the substance pulling at the torn edges of her flesh, engraving a pre-scar deeper into her skin. Adrenaline waved through her body at dangerous levels, pulsing blood out of her wound faster and further down her shirt.

            Damien was fast, but she knew she was faster. She knew she was faster than his whole coven and she would be safe soon. That is, as long as she didn’t faint. What she didn’t know was whether or not she could become airborne before she began losing speed. The slightest error in her footing would let gravity, and Damien's coven, have her life.

            She neared the end of the field and submerged herself deep into the surface of a large group of enormously menacing Redwoods, desperately trying to maintain balance on her own two feet. She couldn’t see but hear Damien’s vampires leaping from tree to tree overhead, branches cracking, snapping, and falling all around her. They had an advantage, an opportunity to get closer, and they took it. Molly heard something fall not too far from behind her, and then she heard fast footsteps coming closer. Theodore, one of Damien’s devoted minions, was but five feet away. Molly could almost feel his yearning hand brush against her back. A sudden wave of fear had her running faster. She could see the end of the forest and just after it was a four hundred foot drop, her last chance. Molly pushed chance aside and jumped, hoping that she hadn’t lost too much blood.

            I took every bit of energy she had for Molly to open her wings. When she did, her bare feet dipped into the numbing water of the ocean beneath her, reminding her that just a moment ago she was but inches away from her death. Whether it had been by murder or by accident, she had barely escaped losing her life to a team of bloodthirsty idiots, but she wasn’t safe yet.

Fifty feet in the air, she hovered, straining to hold onto consciousness. From her tunneled vision, she saw figures in the water, coming toward her at supernatural speed, vampires. Waves swelled above them but nothing slowed them down.

Molly let out a frustrated noise and pushed herself to fly. Her long dark hair whipped at her face. Her Bambi-like golden brown eyes turned from big and innocent to determined slits to block out the blinding wind. She could sense that she was close to land. She also knew that she wouldn’t last much longer in the air with how severe her wounds were.

You’re going to be late, Melanie’s voice sounded in her head.

Honestly, that’s the least of my worries right now, Molly sounded exhausted and annoyed, annoyed with herself, annoyed with the vampires, and annoyed that she’d dropped Alice’s present. Tomorrow was Alice’s sixth birthday and Molly would show up at home empty-handed and covered in blood.

Should I send the guys?, Melanie asked.


They’ll be there soon.

Tell them to hurry. Damien’s hunting and, yet again, I am his choice of prey. Stupid.

How did you manage to pick him up?

No freaking idea. One minute I’m in Toys-R-Us, shopping for Alice, and the next I’m running through the woods. And to make it all worse, I lost my favorite pair of heels!

The ones you got from Goodwill?

Yes! How am I supposed to find another pair of suede stilettos for five dollars?

The sound of an engine cut off Molly’s train of thought. Her eyes dropped to the water.

Rescue? She wondered.

The boys haven’t left yet.


What is it?


Care to elaborate?

Damien, you nard! Who else?


Below, a team of Damien's minions drove a speed boat to the vampires in the water before placing themselves just below Molly.

“S**t!” Molly rocketed herself into the air, blood still dripping from her shoulder.

Then there was a blood-curdling screech from the boat below her. Another watercraft had taken place beside the first one. Alec and James had finally arrived. James took the wheel and maneuvered the boat around the vampires’ Jet Skis while Alec took them out one at a time with a Nerf gun filled with miniature wooden stakes. The instantly-petrified bodies fell limp to the water. Alec chuckled and shook his blond hair from his face.

“Quit goofing off and get over here!” Molly was losing altitude fast and the boat was under her just in time for her to fall heavily to its carpeted floor.

“Aw, come on. I just cleaned this out,” Alec whined, seeing Molly’s blood stain the ivory carpet.

“Shut up and get me a band-aid or something. A cork maybe, to plug up these holes in my chest?” Irritability resonated through her body and the air around her. She used the little energy she had left to throw out one last smart-assed remark and then she collapsed completely.

Alec tended to an unconscious Molly while James turned them toward home.


People think Vampires are the superior race to all others. People are mistaken, and no, werewolves aren't any more useful against a vampire than an elderly sheep. Werewolves are dumb, slow, and were basically screwed by evolution. Now, Molly, her race, they were the superior ones. They had sonic voices and flight along with speed, stealth, and agility, while vampires only had brute force, venom, and speed. They were weakened by sunlight and, in a nutshell, allergic to animal blood. Unfortunately for the human-avian race (also known as Mockers) around the world, they were mostly human, so vampires could pick off the little ones like Buffalo wings at a super bowl party.

This was because the elders had the laws set up for the “supernatural” world (although vampires, mockers, and werewolves were alive before humans ever existed. How humans became the dominating race, nobody knows) and any who dared to break them would be severely punished.

Rule number one: do not kill a human. You will be prosecuted just like any other person and perhaps even sentenced to death. This in which a vampire would be left out to fry under the sun, and mockers would be pulled to pieces and burned. Any of another supernatural race could be killed almost as easily as any of the human race.


Molly woke the next morning feeling lke garbage.

"Molly! Molly!" Alice screeched once she realized Molly had opened her eyes.

Molly fliched, the high-pitched noise pierced her eardrums and her brain throbbed in her skull.

"Hey,Sweetie," she allowed Alice to pull herself onto the couch to lie beside her.

© 2012 They.Call.Me.Mo

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