Aging Reflections

Aging Reflections

A Poem by thinktodiscover

Foolish pity, stop ignoring the lesson. It’s determined to be learned.

Curse that little girl, why did she dream so much? She couldn’t wait to take life for a ride, anticipating the future when it’d be her turn to drive. Her soul radiated joy as she danced her way through youth.

But, as the years slipped away, the magic did as well.

Sadness has snowed upon her Summer spirit, crimson tears have stained her once pure heart. Desire deepens, days darken. She learns the hard way that a happy ending isn’t always guaranteed.
A feeling of defeat replaces the laughter with silence. Through the pain she searches, desperation motivates her to find love.
Each time there is a ray of hope that silly, little and trusting girl takes over, her eyes are blinded by the sunrise she has tricked herself to see.
This time is different,” she whispers, wishing she was still naive enough to believe her lie. Every time is different, always paired with an outlandish reason why. Time soon reveals the truth; once again her wishful sunrise is exposed for the sunset it truly is, leaving her shattered and in darkness more oppressive than before.

It’s time to put that little girl to rest.  The sadness over stolen innocence is like none other, torturing the heart relentlessly into the darkest hours of the night. Her eyes see everything, even when she wishes that they didn’t. The pain doesn’t stop, it won’t go away. Her emotions spiral out of control leaving her unable to stop crying a river of tears. Crying out in fear she pleads the pain to end. This isn’t  a nightmare to be awoken from however, the pain doesn’t stop.

Her spirit is aged, weary and dismayed. Happiness no longer seems obtainable, she forgets the beauty of joy. The tears no longer come, her eyes dry leaving them red and lifeless. The day has come, she is now a woman as opposed to the child she thought she’d forever remain.

© 2013 thinktodiscover

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Added on January 4, 2013
Last Updated on January 4, 2013
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