Dangerous Flames

Dangerous Flames

A Poem by thinktodiscover

An old poem of mine made new, hopefully the words help you find healing too.

The Runner shifted to The Chaser just as The Chaser decided to run…
Dear Twin Flame(Our hearts now recognize this as their combined true name),
Stopping to catch my breath I glance back and witness your essence, 
illuminating my tracks.
I wish we could celebrate together, especially today,
Sporting my crooked grin I’d proclaim sappy cheers to growth.
We’d sniff out some crazy adventure, with us there was always a way.
But times have changed and events have separated us both. 
Selfish as it seems to anyone other than us, 
I cast a spell upon your thoughts,
prodding they travel to memories of this day in years past.
Today your memories shall flicker to
 those times we thought would forever last.
Because, while my lips are pursed silently and 
my body remains far away,
in my heart I'm screaming words and
violently painting feelings I'll never say.
I hope today you smile, I hope today you laugh.
When I cross your mind today, 
my gift to you is 
prayer amongst your chosen path.
Time and urgent footprints sprinting far from together pull me away
from the melody I called magic 
while others named disaster.
Ghosts wandering abandoned streets replace our forms 
in one another’s minds.
But, once connected through spirit, 
always connected th
rough thought.
I must admit, the cold wind sings me memories 
especially during February weather.
Although jokes and secrets were buried 
by midnight moonlight-
the only way to be silenced, 
it takes just one trigger and life rewinds...
This brings me here to now, the present,
reflecting on all our friendship has taught.
Long ago I first glimpsed the beauty of your soul…
Not so long ago, that same beauty left a hole.
That harvest night I out-cried the rain,
only because I knew nothing would ever be the same. 
Trudging forward and further crushing broken glass I realize, 
Truth sparkles, oh so beautifully amid the lies.
Celebrate growing, celebrate forgiving, 
Celebrate loving, celebrate living. 
Connected in spirit, connected in soul.
Celebrating has healed me, mending me whole.
Never stop running, never stop chasing. 
By matching the pace of the wind, 
it's me that you're embracing.

© 2015 thinktodiscover

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Added on November 25, 2015
Last Updated on November 25, 2015
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