Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

A Poem by Sarah Marie

Baby blue,
What is a child to do?
Lying to oneself,
Lying to ones loved
To hide what is true-
Secrecy in infancy 
Is a terrible way to go.
With no time to live,
And no chance to grow;
Sheltering oneself
Lest they one day know
What bright blue eyes
Have unfortunately seen,
What smooth, soft hands
Have shamefully done-
Poor baby blue.
Memories constantly
Plague upon the mind,
Slumber a miracle
In such a trying time-
Baby blue,
Don’t cry yourself 
To uncommon sleep;
Don’t scream yourself
To frightening wake
For there is one to keep
You, wipe the tears
You cannot help but cry
From your bright blue eyes. 
Your one regret-
What you wish to
But never can forget-
Is more than but a nightmare,
More than just a scare;
Tears too familiar to not shed
Soak the sheets 
On an unmade bed,
Reminding a crystal blue stare
Why it hurts to lay ones head
On the pillows there. 
Baby blue,
You are your greatest harm;
Bright blue eyes,
Watch as another’s arms
Shelter the aching heart.
You cannot help but flutter
Each time you begin a new start;
You think why should you
Grow wide and shine again
When another’s may never get to-
Poor baby blue. 
Bright eyes,
Ignore the tears you cry;
In warmth and kindness lie,
For there is one who loves you,
Bright, baby blue.

© 2012 Sarah Marie

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Love it! Well done!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Reading this is so relaxing to a feeble heart. It is a sad piece but you've written it beautifully and embossed with traces of hope in it. I adore your choice of wording "Don’t cry yourself...To uncommon sleep;...Don’t scream yourself....To frightening wake." Well written.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Sarah Marie

11 Years Ago

yay! Thank you! Glad you like it!

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Added on November 2, 2012
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Sarah Marie

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