A Poem by Sarah Marie

The air is crisp,
And the breeze is strong
In the tawny November.
The leaves are changing
As are the people
Who cannot help but remember
What has been said
And what has been done
In the past year;
Some was good,
And some was regretful-
Yet many give a cheer
For such a happy time
And a beautiful time,
A time to give thanks 
For all that has been given-
From family to friends
To being alive and awake.
One cannot help but remember
The times with laughs
And those with smiles;
The times with tears
And deep frowns
Which happen once in awhile. 
Family is forever,
Perhaps the first prayer
Of otherwise lonely gratitude;
Friends are strength
And weakness, the true test
Of a friend that is true.
The coolness and the chill
Of the world is in the wind
But not in hearts,
November a time
To make amends 
Or make new starts-
For change and forgiveness,
For happiness and glee-
No better reason to be grateful.
Dreams and goals
And burdens and in-laws
Are but a few handfuls
That can be treasured
And appreciated
And shockingly praised
For at least a while,
For maybe a lifetime
Or maybe just a day.
A time for calm,
A time for fellowship,
And a time for joy,
The cool November
Can warm the shoulder
Of any girl or boy-
No better time 
To remember or give thanks
For toil, confusion, and strife;
Family, friends, and foolishness;
Pride, peace, and patience;
Or simply thought and life. 

© 2012 Sarah Marie

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I really find it hard to believe that you could put so many thoughts into one poem !! Plus the reference to November made me think it must be about autumn but no ... Wow !
Keep it up !! Cheers !

Posted 11 Years Ago

This was a very nice poem, and it stands true. November is a great month. I love autumn and its holidays, Thanksgiving being the perfect time to be thankful for what we have and to forgive others.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Amazing poem, It totally expresses Novemeber My favourite month :) Amazing poem. I absolutly loved it!

Posted 11 Years Ago

The Fallen

11 Years Ago

it is very good!!
Sarah Marie

11 Years Ago

lol well thank you! :)
The Fallen

11 Years Ago


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