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Poetry in Pleasure

Poetry in Pleasure

A Poem by Sarah Marie

Their wide eyes met,
And she knew this was when
All the world would grow silent,
This her night with a poet of men;
She knew his hands 
Would be like couplets together,
The sleeves of her gown
Slipping and becoming as light as feathers
Though her heart pounded madly;
What was left fell to her waist,
And she stood cold,
Her uncertain smile but a taste
Of what he guessed to expect
When really he was as confused-
They told themselves this was worth the wait,
Now their love able to be pure and true.
Alliteration was likely,
His nonsense words unable to not be smooth;
It was his strength,
His poetry the only way to soothe
Her panicked pulse and merciless mind
As she remembered all her fantasies;
The moment seemed too good to be true,
But she told herself it had to be.
She wanted a steady meter
In their agonizing, amazing act;
She wanted the feel of a sonnet,
The syllable choice to stay intact
For they were to be his touch
And everything he had ever felt;
They were to control her fire,
To make her burn and make her melt.
The flame she knew 
Was obvious in her gaze;
A smirk tugged on the corner of her mouth,
For she could already hear his praise-
She heard her favorite
Metaphors and similes,
The same he had used time and again
To make her forget how to breathe.
He simply could not help this-
He had a poet’s pen within his mind;
He only prayed that through the bliss
At least one cinquain he could find.
He doubted the lines would not be choppy,
Fearing he would not even remember
The way her eyes mirrored her soul,
That her delicateness mimicked December.
Her burning blush explained
What her tongue could not express;
She drew in a steely breath
As around her feet fell the dress.
She told herself he would be gentle,
She told herself this was the time;
She prayed the night would never end,
Their bodies keeping rhyme. 

© 2012 Sarah Marie

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You could melt winter with your words; poetry unleashed in all its glory. Every verse holds a clue... a kiss... a poetic twist of fates, bound in the enchantment of poetic expressions. Yes, the mind is the sweet place where all bliss begins. Then all else can unfold at will.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Sarah Marie

10 Years Ago

Your reviews make me want to write poems just as sweet and alluring and magical....glad to see I hav.. read more
The 13th Eros

10 Years Ago

Oh, you won't be able to keep me away now! Write it and I will come... ;)
Very well written I love the way you express yourself deeply its almost as painting a picture you make it come alive good job.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Sarah Marie

10 Years Ago

Thanks! Glad you like it
What a creative venture this turned out to be, hey.
Not bad at all, Sarah.
(I was wondering "how on earth will she work onomatopoeia into this?")
A clever piece, and one that I doubt I would ever attempt.
Thanks for sharing. Your creativity and discipline is admirable.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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3 Reviews
Added on November 28, 2012
Last Updated on November 28, 2012


Sarah Marie
Sarah Marie

my own world...come visit me!, SC

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