i recall. . . . .

i recall. . . . .

A Story by Thomas Pynk

this is a true story. crazy right?


 i recall. . . .

a warm wind was blowing through my hair that day, messing it up, whipping in my face and all that s**t that boys with long hair have to deal with whenever a slight summer breeze  rolls through thier town.jennys hair is preforming the same show, although it never seemed to bother her much, probably cause her wayfarers (purple with red polka dots) stoped it from hitting her in the eye like my hair was doing so brutally to me. Jenn never did let much get to her,(or if she did she would never show it) she was a strong girl and dressed boldy, purple and red wayfarers on her face, along with purple lipstick and pink streaks dyed into her hair.

Resting on her chest was a fading t-shirt for some mexican death metal band that had been ripped down the middle, exposing her novelty who bra, with targets around the tips. south of that she wasn’t wearing much else then a pair of short-shorts with the back end of some gun sticken out and some knee high rainbow socks down below that. Her breath stank and she would not stop stuffing her face with the cheese burgers we had aquired earlier off of some guy who hung out outside the jiffy-lube on main street, and when she did stop eating it was only to belch. 

Jenny has been my girlfri- “partner” for six months. . . . . . . . . .  i love her.

© 2009 Thomas Pynk

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Well written.
Kind of an admiration.
Bute and funny.
Great write.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Hehe. Funny! :) and cute.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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