the presidential guide book.

the presidential guide book.

A Story by Thomas Pynk

A conversation between obama and bush just before obama was sworn in.


The conversation that former president bush had with obama, just before obama was sworn in.


Bush: Hello mr. obama.


Obama: Mr. president.


Bush: So i guess that you will be wanting the manuel now?


Obama: What?


Bush: The presidential instruction manual. 


Obama: I thought that was a myth!


Bush: no mr.obama, it’s quite real. *pulls small hardcover book out of pocket*we think that it was written 25 years ago. It has the year written on the cover as you can see.


Obama: Oh my god. *takes book and looks it over*


Bush: It’s amazing right?


Obama: . . . . .


Bush: Well?


Obama: This is 1984.


Bush: .Ya, so?


Obama: You have been using 1984 as a manual?


Bush:Same as my daddy.


Obama: but- Wha- How many presidents have used this!?


Bush: All that i can remember.


Obama: .........This, this explains so much.

© 2009 Thomas Pynk

Author's Note

Thomas Pynk
this really would explain alot

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haha!!!. nice
i expected this this to be something serioous..

Posted 12 Years Ago

Very humorous and satirical, you are a very witty writer! Loved it, very clever.

Posted 14 Years Ago

YES! That's hilarious! Is this part of a series?

Posted 14 Years Ago

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I really didn't see that coming - excellent joke, and the punchline hits hard.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on August 16, 2009