A by Thomas Pynk

which is worse really?


 I feel. . . . . like a geek.


I am a monster. Children stare at me when i pass, they ask their mothers, 

“What happend to that man mommy?”. 

Their mothers pull them along and cover their young eyes. 

 Grown men look away when preform my art. But their stomachs turn over anyway when they hear me perform. They are sickend by me. Afraid of me.

 Eyes are always on me. My clothes hang from my body like rags on bone, they are blood stained and sway in the wind like ghosts. I am the palest shade of white, i look like the walking dead. I am covered in scars, bruises, and track marks. My voice has long left me, all that is left is  a sreeching like nails on a chalkboard.  My teeth are chipped and yellow, the same colour as my hair. My fingernails are like claws, sharpend to a point and filthy.  I am inhuman.  A freak of society. 

My only pupose in this life is to horrify. My only emotions are rage and greed, envy and lust. 

i am addicted. 


I feel. . . . . like a doll.

i am beautiful. Men stare at me as i pass, they ask themselves

“How can i use her?”.

Their wives pull them away and look at me with hate in their eyes.

Men stare at me when i preform my art. But they dont really see me, all they see is a peice of meat. I am sickend by myself. Ashamed of myself.

Eyes are always on me. My clothes cling tightly to my body showing off every curve. They are leather and lace, and barley cover what these men desire. My skin is the perfect shade of tan, i look like a fallen angel. I am covered in make-up, though my skin is flawless. My voice is beautiful, but i don’t speak until the clients tell me to. My lips are red and full, my hair is golden. My finger nails are painted and long, my hand is always being held by another man. I am unclean. A toy for them to use and abuse.

My only purpose in life is to serve. My only emotions are depression and a love of my own beauty.

I am brainwashed.

© 2009 Thomas Pynk

Author's Note

Thomas Pynk
I hope i got the feminist point across without forcing it. Also when i said geek, i ment the circus geek. not the kind that plays WoW.

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you could be beautiful but broken.
you could be a horror but be the happiest man in the world.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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I can feel this one...: how can I use her.. surely a thought that is on some mens minds..but maybe some women have that thought about men as well anyhow interesting write.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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