Misunderstanding Loneliness

Misunderstanding Loneliness

A Story by Thomas Lawton

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Misunderstanding Loneliness

It was her strange obsession that thwarted the throng of visitors she expected

She knew herself to be beautiful.  She knew she was worth the attention.  Why then did nobody approach her?  Why should she be left behind while her peers who, to her knowledge, were less attractive, less interesting, less human garner more attention in a day than she could in even a year?

It was her strange obsession that kept her thinking like this.

It began when she was a child.  She felt so alone.  She needed a friend then.  She needed more than a friend.

She wandered off into the woods to find someone, something that would appreciate her for who she was.  She wanted to be known for what was inside.

Deeper and deeper into the thick, foggy woods she wandered.  She began to feel more alone than she ever had before.  She began to slowly let go of any hopes she had to find the attention she so desired.

It was only when she had lost all hope, when her humanity and individuality had completely left her that the fog cleared.  She found herself still at the edge of the forest.  She had been trudging through what she thought to be the heart of this wilderness for hours but she suddenly realized that she had been walking circles.

She slumped down against the first tree she saw and then, unexpectedly, heard a strange humming around her head.  

Curiously she opened her eyes and peered around.  There it hung in suspended animation in the air.  All but it's wings were still.  It hung in the thick air, beady eyes looking into her soul, and she gazed right back into this strange creatures eyes and, for the first time, she could see the soul of another.

She felt the electricity of a deep connection rush through her body.  She was excited but she also felt complete.  Her journey had come to an end.  From this day forth she knew that she would spend what little time she had been afforded on this Earth with her newly found soul mate.  The regal yet simple hummingbird.

© 2013 Thomas Lawton

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Added on January 18, 2013
Last Updated on January 18, 2013
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