The ∞ Sea Shell

The ∞ Sea Shell

A Story by skyler

its just a seashell

              A Seashell with meaning. Every human is entitled to meaning.  Every human has meaning how come seashell was degraded. If there were a magic seashell, it would fly up the ranks. To some only below living things. To others only below themselves. It just so happens there was such a seashell. Some would call it magic, others God, and some won't believe. Regardless the real question was why had this tiny seashell come to tear our world apart.
               A fisherman was the first to discover this shell. This man's name was Annos. Annos was your stereotypical fisherman no family no life just his friends on the boat. The shell must have been aware a that it would take a while for someone to find it. So the shell made itself a different color and be able to float. When the fisherman saw this, he leaped off the side of the boat to reach it. They were in the middle of the ocean on a stormy night, Annos was lucky his friends were able to get to him before he drowned, but he did not let go of that shell neither did he show it.
              Annos was not a bad person he was just overwhelmed but the sheer power of this shell. Later that night while Annos was inspecting his shell one of his friends walked in on him. Annos explained what happened and told his friend that he could not tell anyone. His friend didn't listen, and he was too excited about how much joy this could bring the world, and himself if the form of cash. After about an hour of arguing, they got into a dispute. Annos knew he could not defeat his friend and smashed a metal pipe at his friend to knock him out. The only problem was Annos didn't knock him out, and Annos had killed his friend.
              The only option Annos had left to dump his friend overboard where no one would ever find him not even his family. A few hours later they reach the docks in Denmark and Annos decides to flee the country to the United Kingdom. He rushes home and grabs his bare essentials and, buys a very expensive last minute ticket. The shell has changed this man. Sure he was a little creepy before but something about him now just scares people. I guess that's the vibe you give off after you just killed your friend for a seashell. 
              He reaches the airport, and many people were threatened by the way he acted and reported him to the security. Not long after Annos gets an overwhelming feeling to leave a soon as possible. He grabs his bag and power walk towards the door. It's too late security had found him the only thing to do now was run. Before the security guard can get his first word out Annos bolts to the door and, he doesn't get far. They open his bag not to find drugs or weapons but to find a seashell glowing in the most beautiful color known to man
              The shell was thrown around for a few months a new process the world freaks out.
Eventually, the shell ends up in a government organization D.S.I.S in Odense. A lot of people work at this organization including Gilbert. Gilbert is a 49-year-old man with a wife and two kids. In about two years Gilbert was going to quit D.S.I.S and retire with his wife.
             One unfortunate night Gilbert was working late doing paperwork and spilled his coffee all over himself. There was no possible way he would be able to finish a stack of paperwork at 2:45 in the morning with no coffee. Luckily for him, there weren't many people there since it was prayer day. As he is walking down the hall to get cleaned up, he hears a voice. He looks around but no ones there. The voices continue louder until he reaches a door then the stop instantly. He looks up to see a sign that says historical artifacts, authorized personnel only. He shrugs it off thinking it's the adrenaline mixed with exhaustion. He continues walking, cleans up in the bathroom and, gets himself a new cup of joe. He doesn't hear the voices on the way back, but when he reaches the door, he blacks out but his body doesn't.
                Gilbert uses his keycard and opens the door. He walks straight to the safe. Gilbert attempts to open it but isn't able. The voices come back to him, and he unlocks the safe with a 50 number combination. He pulls out the seashell and walks out with a hard expression on his face. Gilbert reaches his desk to grabs his coat and snaps out of the shells cold embrace. He drops the shell and takes a couple of steps back. Sadly I don't think you can blame that on adrenaline and exhaustion. He only gets a few moments of sanity before the shell steals his mind back. He picks the shell back up and grabs his coat. He goes to his car and right as he closes the door his boss walks up to the door. He talks to him about some security breach for a few seconds until Gilbert slams the door into his face and beats him until its hard for him to see. Without skipping a beat he gets back into his car and drives away. 
                     This time, the shell is stronger and has more control over its prey. The shell isn't infiltrating his mind it's controlling it. Gilbert drives home with only one thing on his mind obey. He walks in the door to his home to find his wife and youngest child cleaning up from the party. His wife walks up to give him a kiss, but he throws her on the ground and proceeds to the kitchen. The son comes in enraged and pushes Gilbert. Gilbert grabbed a knife and pierced his son's stomach. The mom comes enter the kitchen to find her son on the ground and her husband with blood all over him with not one look of remorse on his face. He turns to his wife and gradually walks toward her. She tries to convince him that she loves him, but he doesn't stop. Gilbert finally reaches her and without hesitation slits her throat and drops her.
                  Why would the shell do this maybe it just enjoyed killing maybe it gets stronger but none the less it needed to be stopped. Not more than 5 minutes later his older son David comes home a police officer. He comes in to see his mom on the floor across the room. David pulls his gun out and rushes to his mother. He checks her pulse she is dead. David hears something move across the counter. He points his weapon forward and slowly approaches the other side. David turns to see his brother and nearly shoots him. His brother only made it a few feet before he passed out 
                  David crouches down to help his brother, but he hears a noise coming from his parent's bedroom. His brother will surely die, but he is filled with rage and proceeds to the bedroom. The shell had no control over did it only just human nature. He reaches the doorway and kicks the door just to shoot the first thing in the room. David notices that he shot his father and rushes to help him. Gilbert has only taken a shot to the shoulder, but he is still injured. Gilbert grabs the knife and stabs his son in the leg. Off of pure muscle, memory David shoots him again in the stomach. After all of this Gilbert comes back with only a few moments of life left in his once full soul. His only wish was that David would destroy the seashell so it can never hurt anyone again.
                 Ony moments later the shell comes back to steal even his last moments just to try to kill David before he destroys it. With one last bullet, he ends it all with a clean shot to the head. David realizes in the span of 1 hour this shell has killed his entire family and sees it peaking out of his father's hand. The worst part was that he could not deny it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen, but it had single-handedly killed everything he loved and hoped.       
                David takes the shell in one hand and tries to destroy in every way possible, but it can't be done, it's too strong. He realized Gilbert was talking about it last night for dinner about how it came from the ocean. That was the best way no one would ever find it at the bottom of the sea. He throws the shell is a box filled with wet cement on his family boat. He makes a decision everything he every loved is gone he might as well go with it and puts his feet in the box. You know the rest. The shell may have had a much larger amount of abilities and a plan it seems like we will never know. How that she'll even get to the fisherman in the first place is confusing, but it got out of that block and resurfaced. Not long after a boat came by and a man jumped out to grab it for no reason. His name was Annos, just a fisherman, hence the name infinite seashell.

                                                                     THE END


© 2016 skyler

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First I would like to say that the story was enjoyable, but there were a bunch of grammar and punctuation errors. Along with this I noticed that the story changed tense from past to present halfway through with this paragraph, "The only option Annos had left to dump his friend overboard where no one would ever find him not even his family. A few hours later they reach the docks in Denmark and Annos decides to flee the country to the United Kingdom."

All in all, it was good, but I'd consider revising it to work out the kinks

Posted 3 Years Ago

I noted a few grammar mistakes, but overall, the plot was amazing. I enjoyed this story a lot. Very creepy, and definitely the story to tell by a bonfire on a beach at night.

Posted 3 Years Ago

I'm glad the seashells I collect do not have a mind and will of their own! Creepy story and though there are grammatical issues, the story itself has fiery breath, straight up from the hell fire. Now, when I bend to pick up another shell off the beach, I will think of this story. :O Keep on writing!

Posted 4 Years Ago

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When I think of a story I always like to think of a parallel universe. Even though I don't really believe in them, I do in the writing universe. Every change or story you make is like hopping into a d.. more..

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