A Poem by Thrushsong

A bad end to a fairy tale



Her eyes are cracking at the edges

Shallow soft furrows of aging skin

Begin to outline her thinning lips

One dark hair sprouting on her chin


Yet gray streaks through her locks

Once as sofly black as midnight

Bulbous glasses distort her eyes

To compensate for dimming sight


A bit pudgy, her gait is less lovely

Graceful swan turned into a duck

The Prince eyes her shape critically

He's aged with some better luck


Flirtatious maidens still swoon at him

Young bosoms lifting with each sigh

Good looks have only become better

With the years that passed him by


But his wife grows plainer by minute

Then at last he can take it no more

The papers are drawn up quickly

And abruptly he shows her the door


At her tears of painful confusion

The once Beast Prince only said

"Beauty, don't take it too hard

You just aren't the girl that I wed."


© 2008 Thrushsong

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Still laughing because creepy blue guy said "fairy tail"...plenty of that in san
sorry, i could not keep that to myself. your writing is superb, i really appreciate your talent...come by and read my work so you'll have an idea where the compliment comes from...i don't care if you review anything but feel free and let's be friends, i want to read all your work and see more of your pictures, paintings, drawings...i draw and used to paint, play guitar and mandolin, write poetry and song lyrics, sculpt, carve and do woodcutting or engraving...but sadly, i'm no Albrect Durer. lol

Posted 12 Years Ago

This is one cold hearted dude, reality hitting you square in the face. Nice write.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I like this for the cold slap of reality it gives. People waste time nowadays searching for "The Fairy Tail". There is no fairy tale. There is only honoring a commitment, being faithful, loving your love when they're not so loveable.

You show this quite clearly with your ant-fairy tale

Posted 13 Years Ago

good read! :)

Posted 13 Years Ago

i like the fairy tale aspect. i feel bad for her though! sad.

not really into rhyming poems but this was well done and honestly i had read through most of it before i even realized.

favorite line - "Once as sofly black as midnight "

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Unfallen Unfallen

A Poem by Thrushsong

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