Chapter 22

Chapter 22

A Chapter by thuaners



In a quieter part of Firgenduke was a quaint, two storey cottage.  A man with dark hair, a wispy goatee and an eyepatch  stood on the balcony admiring the view.  On a hill to his right was the imposing shadow of Castle Aerie.  To his left, the beautiful, serene panorama that was Firgenduke at night; a stark contrast to the bustling, beehive of activity during the day.

The man took a sip from the drink in his hand.  The concoction was so delicious he drained the entire wineglass.  He reached for the two bottles that he had left on the table beside him and poured himself another glass.  Three parts Erbaherd red wine, one part freshly squeezed orange juice.  His favourite mix.


Suddenly he felt a presence beside him; a beautiful young lady with dark brown hair , who was wearing an alluring sheer white nightdress. She came in close and slithered her hands around his waist, resting her head on his shoulder.

“Javier,” she said, “Why come stay at my house just to spend the night on the balcony?  I know Firgenduke is pretty, but do you not think I am prettier?”

“I’m waiting for a message from my men,” said Javier, “I want to hear word on the whereabouts of a particular man.  A man who the King  desperately wants arrested.”

“It’s nighttime now,” said the girl, “You are off duty.  Worry about this in the morning.”

“I am the Captain of the Guards,” he said, “I am never off duty.  You should know that by now, Gwendolyn.”

The young lady, who was none other than Gwendolyn, of the infamous ‘Three Sisters’, looked at this leathery-skinned, stern man and couldn’t help but admire his dedication.  She took the wine glass out of his hand and took a sip.  She handed it back to him and turned to leave.

“Well if you want me, I’ll be in my room,” she said.

Just then, there was the sound of a horse approaching the house.

“Captain Javier!”

They looked down at the front gate and saw that it was one of the Tuscan Advance.  He wore the maroon and gold uniform, meaning that he was one of Javier’s most trusted men.

“You have news for me, Henry?” Javier called out.

“Sorry to disturb you, sir,” said the guard, “The man in the red robes has been located.  The tavern owner of the Encumbered Adventurer is hiding him in a secret room in the basement.”

“Encumbered Adventurer,” muttered Javier, “I knew they could not be trusted.” 

“Shall I assemble a squad and bring him in?” said Henry.

“No,” said Javier, “The King desperately wants this done.  We will take no chances.  Fetch Cronax.  I don’t care where he is or what he is doing.  Tell him it is the King’s orders to bring this man in.”

“Cronax is receiving Raleva at the moment,” said Henry, “They are up in his training cave up in the mountains.  He said specifically that he was not to be disturbed.”

“Go to the mountains,” said Javier, “Tell him Javier wants him now.  Tell him the Iron Snake has returned to Firgenduke, and now is his chance to test his steel.  He will understand.  Go now and godspeed”

Henry nodded and then galloped off in the direction of the mountains.

“Iron Snake?” said Gwendolyn, “Do you mean that this man the King is looking for is Anton DiManlen?  The who Matisse himself could not defeat?”

Javier nodded.

“I will go fetch my sisters,” said Gwendolyn, “We will help you bring him in.”

“Good,” said Javier, “We need all the help we can get.”

© 2013 thuaners

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A Chapter by thuaners