Chapter 30

Chapter 30

A Chapter by thuaners

"Anton DiManlen," said Gwendolyn, "So finally the day arrives when I get to face the infamous Iron Snake.  We shall see if the Three Sisters can defeat the man who defeated the King's Champion."
"I have no quarrel with you," said Anton, "It is best you back away now, or else please pardon my impoliteness."
Gwendolyn laughed.  Without turning to look at her two sisters, she merely said one word.
Like lightning from a thundercloud, Arisa and Abigail shot forward.
Anton saw a blade, the longsword, coming towards him, so he cartwheeled out of the way.
It had begun.
The next few moments were a blur.  Anton was moving on pure instinct and reflexes.  Dodging this, stepping here, stepping there.  He knew he would need a weapon to fight these girls, so he dashed over to a sword that was lying on the ground near one of the defeated Honour Guard.
He had picked up the sword just in time to block a ferocious attack from Abigail and then back flipped to avoid another strike from Arisa's spinning staff.
Then he saw a shadow appear above and he rolled to the side, just as Gwendolyn landed where he'd been standing, both her daggers slashing down through the air like a pair of snake's fangs.
"You move pretty quick," said Gwendolyn, "For an old man."
"You fight pretty well," said Anton, "For a babe."
The Three Sisters slowed down to a pause; Gwendolyn raising her eyebrow at that comment.
"I mean babe as in 'young'," said Anton, "Not as in 'hot'."
"Ah," said Gwendolyn.
"Although you girls are all fairly attractive," said Anton.
The four combatants looked at each other, not quite sure where to take this next.
Maruska cleared her throat and then said, "Anton, I just want you to know, I am leaving now.  I have wasted far too much time thinking about you and plotting against you.  I need to start living my life.  A life without you in it.  Goodbye."
And with that, Maruska turned and began walking away, in a slow, melodramatic, deliberate pace.  It was nighttime, so she couldn't walk off into the sunset, but had it been about that time, she surely would have headed off in that direction.
"Maruska, no!" said Anton, "You must help me cure Ginessa! Please!"
He began to run after her but this momentary distraction caused him to lower his guard for a split second.  Which was just enough time for Arisa to...
"Anton!" shouted Four-tooth, "Watch out!"
But it was too late.
Arisa of the Three Sisters was a master of needle throwing.  In a single swift movement she had pulled out three poison needles from her belt and flicked them towards Anton.  All three of them struck him in the back of the neck.
Anton stopped suddenly.  It felt like he had been bitten by something.  A tingling sensation spread from his neck and travelled throughout his entire body.  He began feeling weak, and his body went numb and he fell to the ground, unconscious.

© 2014 thuaners

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Added on October 20, 2014
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A Chapter by thuaners