Chapter 31

Chapter 31

A Chapter by thuaners

Clarence and Lena were sprinting down Morenak road, one of the main food streets of Firgenduke when Clarence suddenly screeched to a halt.

“Lena,” he said, “Two for one donuts at Olympic Donuts!”

“Clarence, we don’t have time,” said Lena, “We should hurry.  Anton seemed like he needed our help urgently.”

“It’s donuts, Lena!  Anton will understand.  I’ll get him one as well!”

“Plus,” said Lena, “It’s not totally safe for him.  Those soldiers could come back snooping again.”

“It’ll only take a few minutes,” said Clarence, “Think of that hot jam pumped into those warm crispy donut balls!  And rolled lovingly and lavishly in that sugar. Mmmmm…”
            Lena wiped off a bit of drool from the corner of her mouth.

“Okay then, but be quick!”

“That’s my, girl!” said Clarence, and he kissed her on the cheek and then practically skipped into the little donut shop, barely able to contain his excitement.


Lena turned when she heard her name, and saw Four-tooth running towards her.  He looked exhausted!

“Thank the Gods I found you!” he said as he pulled up beside her.

“Four-tooth!” said Lena, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s your friend, Anton!  He has been captured by Javier!  They are taking him back to the castle!”

Lena felt like the ground was crumbling underneath her.

“What did you say?” said Clarence, who had overheard Four-tooth from inside the donut shop.  He grabbed Four-tooth’s shoulders and said, “What did you say happened to Anton?”

“Javier came!” said Four-tooth, “With the Honour Guard and the Three Sisters!  Anton got poisoned and he went unconscious.  They are taking him back to the castle now in Javier’s carriage!”

“I have to rescue him before he reaches the castle!” said Clarence.  He ran back inside the donut shop and threw some money on the counter.

“Here’s the money!  You can keep the donuts!  My friend is in trouble and I have to go!”

Clarence bolted outside and said, “I am going to rescue Anton.”  He grabbed Lena and kissed her deeply.  He knew it was no laughing matter to go against the King.  “I love you.  Wish me luck!”

“I will do one better than that,” said Lena, “I’m going with you.”

“No!” said Clarence, “Anton is my friend.  I don’t want to involve you.”

“You should have thought of that before you proposed to me,” said Lena, “Where you go, I go.”

Clarence looked at his beautiul wife and saw in her eyes that she was prepared to go into the very depths of Hell with him.  His heart nearly burst with love.

He nodded, “Let’s go then.”  He turned to Four-tooth and said, “Thank you so much.  Hopefully we meet again.  If not, it was great knowing you.”

Four-tooth shook his head, “I’m going with you too.  You  guys are like my family.  I won’t stand by and let you do this on your own.”

Clarence saw the same determination in Four-tooth’s eyes.  He placed his hand on Four-tooth’s shoulder, “You’re a good man.  Well now, we must make haste!  I’m planning on cutting through the garden and swimming across the river.  It’s the fastest way to the castle.  Let’s move!”

Lena and Four-tooth nodded at the wild plan and the three of them bolted off.
            Inside the donut shop, the old man at the counter said to his wife, “In all the years that I’ve been serving that Clarence, I never thought I would see him leave his donuts behind for anything.”

“Aye,” said his wife, “It’s a beautiful thing, what he just did.  Anywho, shall we eat these donuts he’s left behind?”

“Yes,” said the old man, “It would be a shame to waste them.”

He picked up one of the freshly made donut balls and took a bite.  It sent him to heaven!

“Oh, these are so good,” he said, “And here, look.  Some jam dripped onto my pants and I don’t even care, because these are so delicious!”


© 2014 thuaners

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A Chapter by thuaners