Chapter 35

Chapter 35

A Chapter by thuaners

            What was this day turning into? thought Clarence.

            One minute, he was hanging off the rooftop of a moving carriage, the next, he was being confronted by one of the five most powerful fighters in the realm!  If he wasn't so busy being petrified, he would have thought it was the coolest situation ever!

            "Hand over, Anton DiManlen," said the beefy King's Champion, "I want the Iron Snake."

            There was complete silence.

            Clarence decided it was up to him to speak up, but before he could, Gwendolyn put a hand on his shoulder and whispered into his ear, "Be ready to grab Anton and escape.  Understand?"

            Clarence nodded automatically, but his brain hadn't quite registered what was expected of him.

            "You three girls," said Cronax, "Don't you nomrally work for Javier?"

            "This guy is Clarence Straud," said Arisa, "We are fans.  And no, you may not have Anton."

            She reached into her belt and took out a small round object, that looked like a silver pea.  She threw it onto the ground and...


            Smoke filled the air!

            Clarence couldn't see a thing!  He couldn't even make out his hand in front of his eyes!  It smelled nice though, like a peachy smell.  He sniffed it admiringly a few times, before he snapped out of it.  He had been given a task! Grab Anton and get out of there!

He fumbled his way through the smoke, taking one tentative step at a time. Suddenly his outstretched hands came upon something warm and soft, but firm at the same time. It was strangely familiar.

            "Err..." came Lena's voice, "Is that you, Clarence?"


            "Why are you groping me?  I don’t think now is the best time."

            "I'm looking for, Anton."

            "He's still in the carriage," said Lena, "It's over there."

            She was probably pointing, but Clarence couldn’t see.  He reluctantly let go of his wife's bosom and dived once again into the misty nothingness.  He had no idea where he was going!  He was just using his instincts and praying!  He stepped, and stepped and stepped.


            His hands were waving about in front of him, he hoped they would touch the carriage soon.  But all he felt was air.  Slowly his vision came back.  The smoke was clearing.  Finally, he could see again!

And realised he was no where near the carriage!  He was standing a fair distance away from everyone else, on the side of the road, next to a well.  A few more steps and he might have fallen in!

Everyone else was still clustered around the carriage.

            "Oh," said Clarence, "I was way off."

            "A nice little trick, Lassie," laughed Cronax, "But aren't you supposed to be gone by the time the smoke clears?"

            Gwendolyn dashed to the carriage, dragged Anton out and in one graceful swing, slung him over her shoulder.  She ran over to Clarence and transferred the unconscious man to him.

“Oof!” said Clarence.

Anton was heavy! It was like carrying a bull! He marvelled at how easy Gwendolyn had made it look.

            "Go now," said Gwendolyn,"Save your friend.  We will slow down Cronax as best we can."

            "I can't leave you," said Clarence.

            "Go," said Gwendolyn firmly.

            She turned and glided back to the others, and drew her two short swords.  She said to Lena and Four-tooth, "Go help Clarence, we sisters will take it from here."

            Lena shook her head, "I will aid you."

            "And I go where milady goes,' said Four-tooth.

            Lena smiled warmly at him.  Then she said to Clarence, "Now go my darling husband.  I will meet you at the special place.  Till we meet again."

            Clarence did not want to leave Lena!  But he knew if he stayed, Anton would certainly be captured by the King.  And that was as good as a death sentence.

            He turned and ran off.  Well, ran is not the correct word.  Anton was very heavy.  Clarence moved away at a pace equivalent to a fast walk.  But he was giving it one hundred and ten percent effort, which is what really counts.

            Cronax watched him leave and did not seem the slightest bit worried.

            "Do you five really think you can stop me?" said Cronax with a self assured smirk.

            Gwendolyn said nothing, but just waited.

            "Buying time for your friend, I see," said Cronax, "Well, let us do this then," said Cronax, "But please, all five attack me at once, I don't have all day."

© 2015 thuaners

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A Chapter by thuaners