Chapter 36

Chapter 36

A Chapter by thuaners

“Oh, man,” said Clarence, “Anton you sure are heavy!”

He was carrying his best friend on this back and unfortunately his friend seemed to weigh as much as a bodybuilding bull!  Every muscle in his body was burning, screaming at him to put his friend down, but Clarence would have none of that.

We are carrying Anton out of town until he is safe.  Until he is safe, shut up! was what his mind was telling his body.  It was a little bit strange for his mind to be talking like that but he was so exhausted he was delirious.

“Urrr…” came a voice from behind his ear.

“Was that you, Anton?” said Clarence, “Are you awake?”

“I think so,” said the big man, “Where am I?  What’s happening?”

“I’m taking you out of the city,” said Clarence, “The King is after you!  He has sent Cronax!”

“Who is Cronax?”

“You’ve never heard of Cronax?” said Clarence, “He’s the King’s Champion and one of the strongest fighters in the realm!  You really have been away haven’t you?”

“Is that you, Clarence?” said Anton, peering forward to look at who was carrying him.

“It sure is.  So you do remember me after all these years!”

“Dude!” said Anton, “It is good to see you again, my friend.  You can put me down now.  I’m good to walk.”

“Thank the Heavens,” said Clarence, “You are so heavy, Anton.”  He gently put his friend down on the ground and then groaned as he straightened up.

“Sorry,” said Anton, “It must be a pain to carry me.”

“You can say that again.”

“It must be a pain to carry me,” said Anton.

They both chuckled.

“So what’s been happening with you?” said Anton, “Still doing the art?”

“Yes!” said Clarence, momentarily forgetting the dire situation they were in.  It always lit him up to speak about art.  “It’s been going so well!  And they’ve asked me to sculpt the Firgenduke Obelisk!”

“Dude!” said Anton, “That is huge. Literally!  I’m so happy for you.”

“Thanks,” said Clarence, “But we really need to get going.  If Cronax catches up with us, I fear it may be game over.  The Three Sisters and Lena can only keep him occupied for so long…”  Clarence hoped the girls were alright.

“What did you say?” said Anton, “Lena and the Three Sisters are fighting Cronax?”

Clarence nodded, “It’s a long story but the gist is they are buying us some time.  We need to get to the docks and get to a secluded island that Lena and I often go to.  We can hide there, no one will find you.”

“You say that Lena and those three girls are fighting the King’s Champion right now?  In order that I may hide?”

“Yes,” said Clarence, “We need to get going, otherwise their actions will be in vain.  I trust that Sir Cronax will not harm them.”

“I won’t go to this island while others fight for me,” said Anton, “We go find this Cronax immediately and I put him down.  Then you can help me find Maruska.”

Clarence’s jaw opened.  He had feared Anton would say something like that.

“Cronax is the most powerful fighter in Tuscan.  And the city will be swarming with the King’s men-“

Anton held up one hand to indicate that Clarence should stop talking.

“We go find Cronax,” said Anton, “Lead the way.”

Clarence knew his old friend well enough to know there was no point arguing with him.  The two friends turned around and started running towards the man who was pursuing them.


The Destroyer.

© 2015 thuaners

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A Chapter by thuaners