Chapter 37

Chapter 37

A Chapter by thuaners

    The four women stood in a circle around Cronax, each was huffing and puffing.

            “How is this possible?” said Abigail, “I can’t even hit him.  He’s dodging everything!  From all four of us.”

            “It is possible because I am way better than you,” said Cronax.

            “Grrr!” said Abigail, “Trash talking!  That’s my job.”  She lunged at Cronax and swung her longsword.

            He merely leaned to one side and her blade flew past him harmlessly.

            “He’s just toying with us!” said Abigail.

            “Keep your cool, Abi,” said Gwendolyn.

            “Perhaps you are right,” said Cronax, “I think I am warmed up enough to fight Anton.  Thank you ladies for helping me practice my dodging a little.  It’s not every day I have the luxury of training with four fairly decent opponents.  I’ll be going now.  Please enjoy the rest of your day.”

            “You make me so mad!” said Abigail.  She slashed furiously once again and once again Cronax evaded her as easily as one fends off a toddler.  But this time, following his dodge, he did a neat little round house kick that sent Abigail flying into some trash cans.  She groaned and it did not seem that she would be getting up anytime soon, such was the power of the kick.

            Now only three surrounded Cronax.

            Gwendolyn looked at Arisa and said, “The Viper Spits.”

            Arisa nodded, and took out a bunch of poison needles from her belt.  Gwendolyn leaped into the air, somersaulted and swooped down at Cronax, both of her short swords bared.  Arisa simultaneously threw her needles at him.

            Cronax instinctively knew what was happening, so he jumped into the air, grabbed Gwendolyn and threw her in the path of Arisa’s projectiles.

            “Oof!” said Gwendolyn.

            She had been hit in the buttock by one of the needles.  Her leg went numb and she tumbled to the ground.

            “D****t!” said Gwendolyn, “Your poison is so potent.  I think it-”

            She didn’t finish her sentence as her mouth had gone numb and now she was drooling.

            Arisa ran over to her fallen sister and took out a little porcelain bottle containing antidote.  She pulled out the stopper and poured a few drops into Gwen’s lips.  Once she was satisfied it had been administered, she gently laid Gwendolyn down and said to Lena, “It’s up to us now.”

            Lena could feel in her heart it was futile to attack Cronax.  He really did live up to his reputation.  But she also knew every moment they could delay him, would allow Clarence and Anton to get further away.

            She nodded at Arisa and said, “Let’s take this sucker down.”

© 2015 thuaners

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Added on September 6, 2015
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A Chapter by thuaners