Chapter 38

Chapter 38

A Chapter by thuaners

             Anton and Clarence were running down the street.

"I've been neglecting my running," said Anton, "I'm so disappointed in myself!  I used to run like it was nothing!"

"You're doing better than me," said Clarence, "I was never good to begin with!"

Then they turned the corner and saw a body flying through the air towards them.  Anton recognised that it was Lena!

"Catch her!" he shouted.

Clarence immediately dived to catch the body, as if he was playing kick to kick with a football with a friend.  He crashed to the ground on his back, the familiar body on top of him.

"Oh hello, darling," said Clarence.

She was unconscious and so he gently moved her off him.

"Why is your wife flying through the air while she's asleep? said Anton, "Is it like a more advanced level of sleepwalking?"

"No, silly," said Clarence, "She is flying through the air because of him."

Anton turned to look at where Clarence was looking and saw a man standing there.  He was exuding power, confidence and deadliness.

"You must be Cronax," said Anton.

            "Aye," said Cronax, "And you must be doomed."

            "No," said Anton, "My name is Anton DiManlen."

            "Psst," said Clarence, "He knows that. He was just trying to intimidate you with a smart response."

            "Oh," said Anton, "Haha!  Good one. I get it."

            "I am obligated to tell you that you should turn yourself in, for the King wants you.  But oh how i wish you would resist."

            Anton just paused and said nothing for an awkwardly long time.

            "Um, Anton," said Clarence, "I think he is waiting for you to say something."

            "I will in a minute," said Anton, "I was just trying to think of something smart to say back to him.  He's set the level of banter to a higher standard than I usually do.  I want to step it up."

            Finally, after another minute, Anton said, "The King wants me hey?  Well you can tell him I'm already married."

            Cronax looked very puzzled.

            "Oh, Anton," said Clarence.

            "Well in any case," said Cronax,, "It looked like you wont be coming in quietly.  I am so sad to do this, but I will have to use force now.  Prepare yourself, Iron Snake."

            Cronax started jumpping around on the spot, and then kicking his feet on the ground and snorting.  Then he charged, like a bull at a red flag.

            "Wait!" said Anton holding up a hand.

            He said it with such power that Cronax the Mighty actually stopped in his tracks.

            "I don't have a weapon," said Anton, "Will you let me go get a sword?"

            Cronax laughed and said, "If you don't have a weapon that is your problem, not mine."  He immediately continued his bullish charge.  He pulled out his Great Axe and held it out menaxingly.

            Anton stood his ground and felt his stomach rise up into his chest.  His old friend adrenaline had come to visit him.  From now on, it was all pure instincts, he felt the warrior inside him take over.  He saw Cronax reach him and take an epic 360 degrees backhanded swing at him with the Axe.  Anton’s body automatically ducked and then did a leg sweep, which Cronax jumped over.

            Impressive, thought Anton to himself, This boy is good.

            Anton dodged attack after attack, like a little fish evading a little kid in a pond.  Each slash by Cronax was made with such power that an actual little gust was created.  Anton did not want to get hit by any of these strikes.  He liked being alive.

            I really need a weapon, he thought to himself.

            Meanwhile, Clarence, watching from the side came to the same conclusion.  Anton needed a weapon and fast.  He picked up his beloved Lena and then placed her in a side street and ran off.  He knew there would be a sword somewhere!  He ran as fast as he could.  He turned this corner and that, and pleaded with the Gods that he would find something that Anton could use.

            And then salvation!

            Well, salvation guarded by…

            A big white wolf.

            For yes, before him, there were a few unconscious City Guards, the glint of shiny steel weapons next to them.  But standing between him and them, was a giant white wolf!

            It was Cronax's mount!

            In ordinary circumstances, Clarence would have fanboyed over seeing Cronax's epic mount.  But today was not ordinary circumstances.

            Clarence was so upset that he actually spoke out aloud.

            "This is less than ideal," he said.

            The white wolf looked at him.

            It licked its lips.


© 2015 thuaners

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A Chapter by thuaners