Chapter 41

Chapter 41

A Chapter by thuaners

            Maruska stood on the dock.  The great ship was there, as it had been all night.  The sun was just rising over the sea and the first light of day was warming Firgenduke.  She had not been able to sleep at all and had been waiting for hours.

            "Calling all passengers to Newport!" came a voice from the ship.

            She walked over to the ship, a churning feeling in her stomach.  This was really happening, she was casting aside her putrid life and beginning anew.  A fresh start where she could be anyone she wanted.  A life free of bitterness; was that hoping for too much?

            She walked the plank onto the ship and gave the man her ticket.

            He bowed when he recognised her.

            "Milady," he said.

            She boarded the ship and walked onto the deck.

            It was done!  She was leaving.  She breathed in the fresh sea air.  It smelled so sweet.  She would never forget that smell.

            "Did you hear about what happened in the city last night?"

            One the men was speaking to another, his voice was just background noise to Maruska.  But then he uttered something that felt like a bucket of ice being poured over her.

            "They say that the Iron Snake returned to Firgenduke overnight!"

            "Anton DiManlen?" said the other.

            "Aye!  And he fought with Cronax in the city and was defeated, and the King is having a public execution of the traitor this very morning."

            The men continued to speak but their voices faded to a uniform humming.   Maruska grabbed onto the side of the ship, her legs were feeling weak.

            Could this be true?  Had he returned to Firgenduke?  Was he due to be killed this very morning?

            She looked around her.  Here she was on this ship, this ship of freedom.  Ready to venture to a new life.  And then she received this news.  How could she leave knowing this?

            In times like these, she realised that she truly loved Anton.

            There was only one thing she could do.

            She turned and ran off the ship.

            "Lady Maruska, where are you going?  We are leaving soon!  Should we wait for you?" called out the man.

            But Maruska didn't even hear him.  All she knew was that she had to get to the Castle as fast as she could. 


© 2016 thuaners

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Added on January 26, 2016
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Currently writing a fantasy adventure story online (called 'Passion of the Liger' :) ). hope you enjoy reading it ^^ more..

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A Chapter by thuaners