Chapter 44

Chapter 44

A Chapter by thuaners

            Skaife stood in front of the Encumbered Adventurer, the tavern had not been open since the night before last, that eventful night in Firgenduke.  She had thought it strange that Clarence had not come into the library yesterday, especially after he had seemed to crack his case of sculptor's block.  When he had not come in today, Skaife decided to come over and see what was up.  The door was not locked, so she pushed it open and entered.

            The tavern was empty, save for one person.  It was Four-tooth.  He was seated at a bench looking despondent, tearing off hunks of bread and dipping it into some broth.

            "Skaife," said Four-Tooth.

            "I came to see Clarence.  I was wondering why he didn't come into work the past two days."

            "He's looking after Lena, they are in their bedroom," said Four-tooth.

Skaife nodded and made her way into the back where Clarence and Lena's room was.

            She knocked.

            "Come in."

            She entered and saw Clarence sitting beside Lena, he had a bowl of soup in his hand and seemed to be trying to feed her.  She was in bad shape!  She had a multitude of bruises and a great bandage wrapped around her torso.

            "Lena!" said Skaife.

            "I'm alright," said Lena, in a voice that was hardly more than a whisper.

            "She's not alright," said Clarence, "If she has any bones that aren't broken, I am yet to see them."

            "Stop exaggerating, babe."

            "Is there anything I can do?" said Skaife.

            "Make me some soup, that's better than this stuff," said Lena.

            "Hey, this is good stuff!" said Clarence.

            "Did you taste it?" said Lena.

            Clarence looked at the soup for a little bit, then said to Skaife, "Can you cook soup?"

            "Sure!" she said, "I can make a mean leek and potato soup.  But first, what happened to Lena?"

            "Cronax beat me up," said Lena.

            Skaife gasped.

            "Save your breath, honey bun," said Clarence, "Let me explain.  The short version is that my best friend, who the King hates, came back to town.  He needed our help.  The Three Sisters captured him, and we rescued him-"

            "This one was particularly cool," said Lena, pointing a finger at Clarence, "The Three Sisters fangirled over him and ended up helping us."

            Clarence smiled then continued, "Cronax arrived and the Three Sisters, Lena and Four-tooth stayed to buy us some time, did I mention my friend Anton was unconscious this whole time?  The Three Sisters had knocked him out with some sleeping potion or something.  Well I carried him away, and then he woke up.  He told me he had come here looking for Lady Maruska.  But he refused to run and he ran back to fight Cronax with the others.  But by the time we arrived, everyone had been beaten up, including Lena, who we actually came in time to see her flying through the air!"

            Skaife looked confused.

            "Cronax kicked me," said Lena.

            "I see!" said Skaife, "Then what happened?"

            "Anton and Cronax had this epic duel and Anton won!"

            "Whoa!" said Skaife, "That's mad!"

            "I know right?" said Clarence, "My friend was actually very tough back in the day.  Anton the Iron Snake they used to call him."

            "Iron Snake," said Skaife, "I've heard of that name before actually!"

            "Well, after he defeated Cronax, Cronax decided to leave us alone, but then Javier showed up with just about every soldier in the Tuscan army.  I got knocked out and Anton got captured."

            "Hang on," said Skaife, "I heard something about an execution yesterday?" She covered her mouth with her hands.

            "Thankfully the story didn't end there," said Clarence, "Lady Maruska turned up at the execution apparently!"

            "Wow!" said Skaife.

            "She begged the King to spare Anton's life.  The King agreed not to kill Anton, but has locked him up permanently in the deepest, darkest cell under the Castle.  And another condition, Maruska is to marry the King.  And now you are up to date."

            "Wow," said Skaife, "No wonder you have not been at work.  Okay, I will go make some soup."

            "Can you make some for me too?" said Clarence, "I don't really feel like eating mine either."

            Skaife smiled.

            Just then there was a knock at the door.

            They all wondered who it could be.

            "Come in," said Clarence.

            It was a teenage girl with jet black hair.  They all recognised her to be Lady Maruska's apprentice.

            "Hi, I am Fog," said the girl, "My Mistress Lady Maruska sent me.  She has an urgent message to pass onto your both.  She would come here herself but she felt it was best to be discreet, such is the current situation."

            She took out a piece of rolled up parchment from her pocket and handed it to Clarence.

            Clarence unravelled it and read it silently.  His brow furrowed at first and then his eyes widened.

            "What does it say?" said Lena, Don't keep us in suspense!"


© 2016 thuaners

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A Chapter by thuaners