Chapter 46 - The Crossroads

Chapter 46 - The Crossroads

A Chapter by thuaners

            Three weeks later, Skaife found herself approaching the bustling town known simply as the Crossroads.  It was the interestion of three busy highways and was a busy, bustling place, with people coming and going all the time.  Skaife had asked around Manangatang village, and had found out that Narteb and his best friend, Pip, had headed north along the North Road.  She was feeling really good.  In her younger days, she had done a fair bit of travelling, wandering around the realm.  It was nice to get back to that.  The feeling of freedom was an exciting one.  However, in the back of her mind, she knew she had a task to accomplish.  She had to find Narteb to give him Maruska's spell.

            Upon reaching the town, she felt a feeling of butterflies in her stomach.  If she had to describe the Crossroads, it would be yellow, dusty and constant chattering.  The buildings were mostly made of white stone, and roundish domes seemed to be the predominant shape.  The ground was an orange coloured sand.  And yes, there was this constant hum of people chattering, like what you hear in a busy tavern, or a large tree full of birds.  There was quite a lot of people milling about.  It was a little overwhelming, Skaife wasn't quite sure where to begin.  She decided she might head to the tavern first and ask the bartender.  They usually seemed to be quite knowledgable on the comings and goings of people.

            She went up to the first person she saw, who was a young girl walking with a small round clay pot balanced on her head.

            "Excuse me," said Skaife, "Can you tell me where the closest tavern is?"

            The young girl pointed to a large red dome in the distance.

            "Also," said Skaife, "Have you met a teenage boy recently?  His name is Narteb." Skaife knew it was a long shot.  But right now she was happy with any shot.

            "Narteb!" said the girl, her eyes widening, "Oh yes, everyone knows Narteb.  He has helped a lot of people here.  And a few times a day, he will stand in the middle of town square and shout out at the crowd.  He's like a cuckoo clock, only cute.  A cute clock."  The girl stood there, obviously trying to make a pun or a joke, feeling she was really close, but not quite there. "Cutey clock.  Oh nevermind."

            "Can you tell me how to get to the town square?" said Skaife.

            "Cute clock..." muttered the girl, "Oh, just follow that road there and when you see the oasis, turn left and you can't miss it." And then the girl's face lit up and she blurted out, "Cute-koo clock!  Ah, I'm happy with that."

            "Thanks!" said Skaife and the two girls parted ways, both very pleased with the exchange.


© 2016 thuaners

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Added on March 4, 2016
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A Chapter by thuaners