Chapter 52 - Palm on the beach

Chapter 52 - Palm on the beach

A Chapter by thuaners

Narteb and Skaife swam towards the island and the girl who was calling for help.  As they got closer, and Narteb could see her face, he could see that although she was obviously calling for help, she was also shaking her head at them.

Narteb stopped swimming towards the island and said, ”Skaife, does it look like she is trying to tell us not to come closer?”

Skaife said, “I believe you’re right.  I think she is telling us not to come.”

“She has chains on her legs,” said Narteb, “Can you see?”

“Aye,” said Skaife.

“Let’s go there anyway, “said Narteb, “Maybe she needs our help.”

“You go ahead,” said Skaife, “I’m going to go around the side and observe from the flank.”

Narteb nodded and then watched as Skaife took in a big breath and vanished under the water.  He did not see her reappear, so he assumed she was diving underneath the water.  He began swimming towards the island again and the closer he got, the more certain he was that this lone girl on the sand was trying to tell him with her face not to approach, while at the same time, she was yelling, “Help!  Please help!”

Narteb made it to the shore and walked up to the girl, who had stopped jumping and was just shaking her head and trying to shoo Narteb away with her arms.

“Hi there.  I am Narteb.  I’ve come to help.”

The girl’s eyes darted to a part of the sand nearby, which kind of looked a bit like some sort of mound.

Narteb was trying to work out what she was trying to say, but it was too late.

In an instant, the mound of sand burst apart and a figure leaped up and out, somersaulted at Narteb.  Before he knew what was happening, he glimpsed an old man with wild, long grey and black hair.  The old man struck his palm on Narteb’s chest and our hero was sent flying backwards, an immense pain spreading throughout his body.  Narteb felt everything fading, like falling asleep.  He heard the old man speaking to the girl.

“You are much more useful as bait, girl.  It is a bit like fishing.  I will catch many more.”

© 2018 thuaners

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Added on March 24, 2018
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A Chapter by thuaners