Chapter 55 - Haze

Chapter 55 - Haze

A Chapter by thuaners

Someone tapped Narteb on the shoulder.

It was Pip and Bethany.

“We’ll take over driving for you,” said Pip, “Go take a rest.”

Narteb and Skaife hopped out and were replaced by Pip and Bethany.  Narteb noticed the iron chains were still around Bethany’s ankles.

“We’ll go find someone who can remove those as soon as we reach Kuma,” said Narteb.

Bethany looked down and said, “To be honest, I’d almost forgotten they were there.”

Narteb nodded and then began making his way to the back.  A nap would be so nice.  He stood in the aisle and stretched his arms and twisted his back a little.  It felt so great.

“Ahem,” came a pleasant voice from behind him.

He turned around and saw Skaife.

“Do you mind?” she said, “You’re blocking the entire path.  Some of us have places to go.”

“I’m sorry,” said Narteb, “I’m stretching and it feels really good.  You’re going to have to wait.”

Skaife stuck her tongue out at him.

Narteb continued to do a few more stretches.  Some side bends.  A few half squats.  He circled his ankles a little bit. When was feeling pretty good, he proceeded to do a few more, just for good measure.  He even made up a few new stretches.  When he was positive he was done, he smiled and then sat down.

Skaife sat down on the seat across from him.  Narteb closed his eyes and settled his body into nap mode.  He managed to relax everywhere except his mouth.  He couldn’t contain the smile that had formed on his lips!

Time passed.


He opened his eyes.

“Narteb! Come here!”

It was Pip calling to him.

Narteb got up, still a bit woozy from his interrupted slumber, and made his way to the front.  By the time he reached Pip, he knew exactly why his friend had called him.  And he knew precisely what his friend was going to say next.

The two friends looked at each other and both shouted at the top of their lungs, “Land, ho!”

“You guys are such dorks!” laughed Bethany.

Narteb looked at the strip of land on the horizon and felt excitement welling up in his stomach, like a kettle beginning to boil, or a bubbling cauldon. He could see rocky cliffs and green hills and also what looked like a city!  They were approaching a port city of Kuma!  For the very first time in his life, Narteb would be stepping out onto another country!

Sandy began to veer to the left.  As they had done for most of the journey, the party allowed the her to do her thing.  She seemed to know where to go!

Narteb reached down and placed his palm tenderly on the pleiosaur’s back.

“Good, girl,” he said.

Sandy approached one of the piers, and eventually came to a halt.  Perfect stop!  There was a man standing there waiting.  He had a round face, with a curly moustache, and he was rather plump.

“Sandy!” the man cried out.  He had his arms wide open, “You made it!”

Sandy made a noise.  It was a happy sound.  Then she lowered her head and rested it on the pier.  The man came over and gave the pleiosaur a big hug (well you could call it a hug, but her head and neck was so big, it was more like the man just flattened his body onto her cheek).  When he was satisfied, he called out to the party.

“Come down, you lot,” he said.

One by one, they all climbed down from Sandy’s back, down her neck and then finally onto the pier.

“As much as I loved the journey,” said Pip, “It’s good to be on solid ground again.”

The round faced man laughed, “Greetings!  I am Baron!  Thank you for travelling with Bon Bon Voyage.  You are the first travellers on our pleiosaur service.  I am pleiosed that you made it to Kuma safely!”. Then he chuckled at his own attempt at a pun.

“What are you the Baron of?” said Pip.

“Oh, it’s not a title,” said the man, “My name is Baron.”

“So,” said Narteb, “If you did become the Baron of something, you would be Baron Baron?”

Baron scratched his chin and said, “I suppose I would!”

“Well, it’s been a pleasure,” said Bento interrupting, “But I really must be going now.  See you all later!  Or not.  I don’t care.”

And with that, Bento the bushy bearded fellow wandered off down the pier towards the shore.

“Well, I guess we should get going,” said Narteb.  he turned to Sandy and placed his hand on her big cheek.

“Goodbye, Sandy,” he said, “Thanks!”

“Goodbye, Sandy!” said the others.

And with that, they all began walking down the pier towards the town.

“Bethany,” said Skaife, “Do you know what this city is called?”

“Of course!” said Bethany, “My brother used to take me here as a kid.  It is the city of Haze.”

“And what an a-Haze-ing place it is indeed!” said Pip.

Narteb looked at Pip and then both friends burst out laughing.

“What are your plans now, Bethany?” said Skaife.

“Well, I think I really want to go back to my village of Aido.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my family.  I miss them a lot!”

“For sure,” said Narteb.  And for a few moments, he thought of his own family.  His mum.  And his dad.  Even his dog Paddles.

“What will you guys do now?” said Bethany.

“We need to find an expert on Ancient Hyborea,” said Skaife.

Bethany stopped in her tracks.  “What did you say?”

“We need an expert on Ancient Hyborea.”

“Is that so,” said Bethany stroking her chin, “Then I think I know just the person you need to meet.  Come with me!”

© 2018 thuaners

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A Chapter by thuaners