Chapter 60 - Enter Shin Tyshu

Chapter 60 - Enter Shin Tyshu

A Chapter by thuaners

Shin Tyshu, leader of the Blue Rose Society, sat in a big/ comfy chair in front of the fireplace, his five year old daughter, Fanny, sitting on his lap.  They were in the process of reading a bedtime story, the one about the goat and the carrot, but somehwere along the way, Shin Tyshu’s mind had started to wander, to other thoughts.  Thoughts that mainly involved a trunip and his late wife, Paulina.
A dark shadow entered the room, walked around the big, comfy chair as soundlessly as a stalking panther and stood before Shin Tyshu.
She had long brown hair that was up in a ponytail and wore a silver mask that covered her face.  There were two horizontal slits where her eyes were, and three red clawmark slashes that went diagonally across the eyes, from top left to bottom right.
“Atlantia,” said Shin Tyshu, “Must you wear that mask even now?  There is only Fanny and I here.  I have seen your face before you know.”
“It is my wish to keep it on, Master.”
“Very well,” he said.
Fanny jumped off her father’s lap and gave Atlantia a warm hug that went around the Captain’s thighs, because she was only a little girl.
Atlantia stroked Fanny’s hair fondly.
“So what brings you here at such a late hour?” said Shin Tyshu, as his daughter returned to his lap, “News of the Millennium Turnip I hope?”
“No, Master,” said Atlantia, “We are still searching for the Turnip.  I bring you good news, though.  We have located Skaife.”
“I care not about that deserter,” said Shin Tyshu, “The only thing I care about is bringing Paulina back to life!  Leave now and return only when you have news of the Turnip.”
“Please, Master,” said Atlantia, “Skaife is a valuable asset for the Blue Rose.  One of her skill does not come by often.  Let me send a small group to bring her back.  Who knows, with her resourcefulness, she might help us find the Turnip.”
Shin Tyshu pondered this for a while, and stroked his chin.  Sometimes people with clean shaven chins do this when they are thinking, but Shin Tyshu had even more reason to, because he had a goatee.
“Very well,” said Shin Tyshu, “If it means that much to you.  But only send one person.  Someone expendable, like Triton.  I want every other pair of eyes in the Blue Rose searching for the Millennium Turnip.”
“Thank you, Master!” said Atlantia, “We cannot let a talent such as Skaife abandon us so easily.  I will send one of my officers to bring her back.”
“Send that fool, Triton,” repeated Shin Tyshu.
Just then, the sound of thunder rumbled over the sky above them.  Was it an ominous sign?  Or purely due to the natural weather patterns of Kuma?  Some mysteries we will never know.
“Yes, Master,” said Atlantia, “I will send Triton.”

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Added on December 30, 2019
Last Updated on December 30, 2019
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A Chapter by thuaners