Chapter 10

Chapter 10

A Chapter by thuaners

Ginessa and Paddles followed Mavis into the house. It was dimly lit by candles scattered around here and there. The candle flames were still and the living room had a calm and tranquil aura.
“Take a seat, dearie,” said Mavis, “I’ll fetch you a cup of tea. I was just bringing it to boil before you arrived.”
Ginessa took a seat on a soft velvety couch and Paddles lay on the floor near her feet. He seemed more relaxed now they were inside.
While she waited, Ginessa examined the living room. There were some paintings on the walls, but in the dim light, it was quite hard to make out what they were. One seemed to be a portrait of a lady, and another was a landscape; rolling hills and a tree in the foreground. She couldn’t make out what the third painting was.
Mavis re-entered the room, carrying two dark cups. The cups had no handles and were made of polished wood.
“There you go,” said Mavis, “Be careful, it’s rather hot.”
Ginessa carefully took the cup off the old woman and immediately felt warmer holding it. The aroma was unusual, but pleasant. She took a sip.
“Wow,” said Ginessa, “What is this?”
“Corn tea,” said Mavis, “How do you like it?”
“It’s really nice,” said Ginessa, taking another sip. She had never had corn tea before. She liked trying different foods and drinks.
Mavis took a seat next to her on the couch; Ginessa was so impressed how well the blind lady was able to get around.
They sat in silence for a while. Eventually, the old lady spoke.
“You have a very good energy about you,” said Mavis.
“Oh?” said Ginessa, “What do you mean?”
“Being blind,” said Mavis, “I have to rely on my other senses a lot more. I’ve come to learn that people have different energies. Sitting near you, I feel calm and relaxed.”
“Maybe it’s the tea,” chuckled Ginessa amicably.
Mavis smiled. “It’s always a joy to meet one such as yourself. Hold still a moment, I want to feel what you look like.”
Mavis put her cup of tea on a small table nearby and then reached her fingers up Ginessa’s face. Both hands started up at Ginessa’s forehead and traced their way lightly down past her eyes, nose, mouth and chin. The old lady’s hands felt warm and somehow Ginessa felt very relaxed afterwards.
The old lady was about to say something when suddenly there was a loud crack of thunder from outside, and moments later, heavy rain began pouring down outside.
Ginessa thought of poor Anton, running around outside in the rain.
Suddenly Paddles sat up, and started barking.
Ginessa turned to look at where Paddles was looking; it was the window at the front of the house, next to the front door. It was too dark to see outside, but Ginessa could somehow sense that something was wrong.
Lightning flashed outside. It illuminated everything outside for a split second.
And Ginessa saw the silhouette of someone standing in front of the window!
Even though the lightning had flashed for the briefest of moments, there was no mistaking who had been standing there.
It was Maruska.
She was standing outside the front door now.
Ginessa turned to Mavis. She had to get this little old lady out of harm’s way.
“Mrs C.,” said Ginessa, “I can see someone I know outside your front door. I have something really important I need to discuss with her in private. Would you be able to leave us alone for just a few moments?”
“Why of course, dearie,” said Mavis, “I shall retire to my room. It’s about time I headed to bed anyway. Just make yourself at home. You can offer your friend a cup of warm tea if you like.” Mavis picked up her cup of tea and disappeared down the corridor.
Ginessa calmly waited on the couch, sipping her warm corn tea. Paddles was growling defensively at the front door. OUt the corner of her eye, Ginessa could see the handle of the front door slowly turn. The door silently opened and a figure stepped inside the house, and closed the door quietly behind them.
Ginessa continued to sip her tea, and didn’t look up.
Woof! Woof! barked Paddles.
“Shh!” said Ginessa, “Stay.”
Paddles obediently lowered his bottom to the ground and sat. Instead of barking, he now whimpered occasionally, as if begging to be given the order to attack.
“So,” said the intruder, who was of course Maruska. “Any last words before you get turned to stone?”
“None that I want to say to you,” said Ginessa, still drinking her tea.
“My, you certainly are calm,” said Maruska. She reached into her robes and pulled out the deadly glowing orb. “Do you not realise what this thing does?”
“I was afraid before,” said Ginessa, “Because I was worried something would happen to Anton. But he is not here, so there is nothing for me to be afraid of.”
“Oh, that is where you are wrong,” said Maruska, “He will suffer greatly from what I will do to you. And so will you actually. Flesh turning to stone is excruciating, I am led to believe. And once it happens to you, that’s it. No one will be able to rescue you. An eternity spent as a stone statue. Unable to move. Unable to talk. Unable to hug and love your dear, sweet Anton ever again. How does that sound?”
Ginessa drained the rest of her cup and put it on the small table beside her. “Corn tea is quite nice. Have you ever tried it? I can pour you a cup if you want.”
Maruska smirked, “I must admit, your calmness impresses me.”
“I care not for the admiration of fools,” said Ginessa.
Maruska snarled, “You think I am a fool? In my place, you would do the same.”
“No, in your place, I would have just walked away from Anton and continued with my life,” said Ginessa.
“I can’t do that,” said Maruska.
Ginessa now stood up from the couch and turned to face Maruska.
“What are you doing?” said Maruska.
“If I’m going to become a stone statue, I at least want to have a cool pose.”


Mavis was lying down on her bed, just about to drift off to sleep. She was feeling so cosy and warm. It was perfect sleeping conditions. The heavy rain outside, wind howling at the windows, the occasional thundercrack.
And an extremely loud pop sound.
Mavis opened her eyes.
An extremely loud pop sound? What was that? It sounded like it had come from the living room. She quickly got up out of bed and went to investigate. As soon as she opened her bedroom door and went into the corridor, she immediately began coughing and spluttering uncontrollably. There was a smokey smell in the air; she could feel dusty particles as she breathed. Was it ash? Why would there be ash inside her house? She gradually made her way into the living room.
Woof! Woof!
It was Ginessa’s dog barking at something.
“Oh, get away from me you dumb mutt!”
It was a woman’s voice. Mavis had never heard this voice before. It was not one of the villagers.
Suddenly, Mavis heard the dog whimper and stop barking suddenly.
“Ginessa?” said Mavis, and she coughed once again from breathing the ashy substance that was still floating around.
There was no reply.
Mavis heard the stranger leave through the front door, without saying another word.
“Are you okay, Ginessa?” said the old lady. She was walking slowly through the room, with her hands held out in front of her, feeling through the air. At times like this, she really hated being blind. Where was Ginessa? Was she okay?
And then, Mavis’ hands touched something.
Something hard and cold. Cold like stone. It was shaped like a person. before long, Mavis had realised it was a stone statue. What was a stone statue doing in her living room? It was very strange. And where was Ginessa? Suddenly a scary thought entered Mavis’ head.
“It couldn’t be,” she said to herself. But just to make sure, she fumbled her hands onto the statue’s torso, up the neck and placed her fingers on the face.
And then she froze. She recognised this face immediately. She had only felt it a few moments ago. But how could this be? What did it mean? The old woman had no idea, but there was one thing she knew for sure.
The face of this statue was the face of Ginessa DiManlen.

© 2011 thuaners

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thanks Scarlett!! :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

I liked the great attention to detail in this chapter. It was like watching a movie. The flow was neat too. Now to the next chapter :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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A Chapter by thuaners