Chapter 16

Chapter 16

A Chapter by thuaners

King Bastion, ruler of Tuscan, skipped up the stone spiral staircase, which led up to Maruska’s room. She had been gone for months and he had missed her terribly. It was so good to have her back.
As he bounded up the stairs in a gay fashion, his foot stubbed one of the steps, and he nearly tripped. He managed to catch himself somehow, and it was lucky for him, because he was carrying a tray which had on it a steaming hot dinner, that he had spent the past few hours making. Since returning to the castle a few days ago, Maruska had barely left her room and according to the people serving her, had not eaten a single meal.
I shall rectify that! thought Bastion to himself, as he continued his exuberant ascent of the stairs.
Finally, he arrived at the top. At the end of a short corridor, which was illuminated by a few torches on the wall, was a simple wooden door. Two burly guards stood there. Initially they had looked bored, but they stood to attention when they saw who was coming.
“Evening, Your Highness!” said one of the guards.
“Is Lady Maruska in her room?” said King Bastion.
“Yes, she is, Your Highness,” said the guard. He sniffed the air with his large bulbous nose, “I must say, that food you’ve brought smells really delicious!”
“Enough with the small talk,” said King Bastion, “You two leave. I want to spend some time alone with Lady Maruska.”
The two guards obediently left their post and went downstairs.
King Bastion cleared his throat and then knocked thrice upon the wooden door.
There was no reply.
After a few seconds, he got impatient, and knocked again, this time more firmly, and six times instead of three.
“Who is it?” came a voice from inside.
It was Maruska’s voice; music to Bastion’s ears.
”Tis I, Bastion,” said the King, “I heard that you had not eaten, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I have cooked a meal for you. I will sit beside you as you eat it, if you like. It is a rather unique dish, if I do say so myself. You will not find another like it in all the seven kingdoms. I took an ingredient from each letter of your name, and combined them to invent a new meal. For ‘M’, I chose marshmallows. For ‘A’ I chose artichoke. For ‘R’ I chose radish. For ‘U’ I chose sea urchin. I know that starts with ‘S’, but I think it’s close enough. For ‘S’ I chose salad. There is a side salad. For ‘K’ I chose carrot. I know carrot starts with C, but again I think it’s close enough. For the final ‘A’, I chose apple. A juicy red delicious, as sweet as your kiss. Not that I know what your kiss is like… but if you’d like to show me…”
“I’m not hungry,” came the voice from inside.
King Bastion felt deflated. He had spent the entire day fussing over this dish. He had even named it. ‘Maruska’s Delight’. A more apt name would have been ‘Maruska’s Undelight’, he thought to himself now. He laid the tray of food down on the ground.
“Well, I’ve left it here on the ground for you,” said the King, “You can eat it when you get hungry. If you do eat it, remember to tell me how it tastes, I’m curious to know. Did I mention it took me over two hours to make? I-”
“Excuse me, Your Highness.”
King Bastion turned around.
Standing there at the end of the corridor was a stern looking man, with dark hair and a wispy goatee. He had a black eyepatch over his left eye. It was Javier, Captain of the Guards.
“Don’t sneak up on me like that!” said King Bastion, “I nearly had a heart attack. What are you doing here?”
“I have urgent news for you,” said Javier.
“Can’t it wait?” said the King, “I’m kind of in the middle of something.”
“I think you’ll want to hear it, Your Highness,” said Javier.
“Fine, what is it?”
Javier looked at the door to Maruska’s room and shook his head slightly, then went back to the top of the spiral staircase, beckoning the King to follow.
Bastion went over to where Javier was standing and whispered, “What is this about?”
“He has returned,” said Javier, “He has been spotted in Firgenduke today.”
“Who?” said the King, “Who has been spotted?”
Javier turned to look back at the door to Maruska’s room and said in a low voice, “Him.”
The King looked at Maruska’s door and then back at Javier, his brain suddenly registering who they were talking about.
“But he said he would never return…” said the King.
“I know,” said Javier.
“After all these years…” said the King, his voice drifting off.
“What shall we do?” said Javier.
The King’s face became stern. “I want him found. I want him captured. I want him put in the dungeon. In a cell all by himself. When you have captured him, call me.”
“You mean to kill him?” said Javier.
“I need him silenced, one way or another,” said the King, “Or I shall never be able to sleep in peace. Go now, Javier. And make sure it is low key. I want no one to know of this, except your most trusted men.” The King glanced back at Maruska’s door, and said in a hushed whisper, “She must never find out. Do you understand?”
Javier nodded and then bowed, before disappearing down the stairs.
King Bastion stood there for a long time, not moving.
“My own web of lies,” he whispered, “Too sticky to get out of.”

© 2011 thuaners

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I loved the meal concept, it was so funny and unique. Funny man that king. I cant wait to read more since at this point, all the pieces seem to be coming together, it gets more interesting. Loved it :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Currently writing a fantasy adventure story online (called 'Passion of the Liger' :) ). hope you enjoy reading it ^^ more..

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A Chapter by thuaners