A Poem by thumbelina

Father, please find me.
I have gotten lost, in the arms of strangers.. tangled up in a webbed castle around me, built up with the words of false charms from people I hoped could save me. It is as high as the stars and the moat surrounding this ugly illusion reflects every last one of my vile scars. So I rest my head on their shame stained sheets, instead of in your outstretched golden palms. I have spent too many nights feeding this wreckless body, that is all too pretty, when instead I should be cleansing my soul. I continue stretching further and further away from home, growing older and colder and bolder but... not quite stronger! because every day and night I try to avoid being alone, to convince myself I am not... alone.

Father please find me.
Look for me buried beneath the ashes of a thousand burnt up memories that were cursing my name and blackening my soul, while begging for a saviour, just screaming out "SOME ONE PLEASE, COME AND SAVE HER!" I will be hiding there, so no one can see me -so they can't read the story of sorrow etched behind every double sided smile. I will be smothered in a blanket of ash.

Father, please hurry.
I fear I may have wandered too far, strolling down the path of no return. I have tread too deep into the devils cove, I can't find your footprints anymore, since I made sure to wash them away with the flavours of whiskey and wine and smoke and coke and, and father, father please find me!

© 2015 thumbelina

Author's Note

Unfinished so far

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Untamed pain roaming on a page without rules, if that is not true 'poetry' then there is no such word.
I complement your bravery, dear poet. Keep forming the pain into words, keep crafting the words into verse, please keep sharing.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on April 4, 2015
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United Kingdom

I've only recently started to write poetry so I still have a lot of room for improvements. I write solely as a way of expressing my own thoughts and emotions. Every poem I share is a piece of myself t.. more..

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A Poem by thumbelina