A Country, A Church Eternal Woe

A Country, A Church Eternal Woe

A Poem by thyra

This talks about a forever battle of belief and faith.


The story never ends of a country, a   church woe.

From here, democracy is rooted to be where it’s causes of separation grow.
It is, actually, a tale of right and true faith.
For humanity to forever sayeth in its own words, what is truth?

The answer on forever chasm to making balance from case and cases afar,

of a continued battle, such war,
when a country, a church collide, it show’s feeding the hungry can be even an  undying oppression.
Hence, does this mean, is survival religion?

As a result of an eternal country, a church woe, there is a great longing to love one peace,

a hope that humanity can’t resists.
More precious time should be added in justice for inequality,
freedom, liberation and responsibility.

Seeing that none of these are present, but makes much void.

Is being human know what to avoid?
Yet, in the answer on what is truth, there is acceptance or rejection,
making humanity turn against itself and start thinking of an infinite satisfaction.

Dying of

and starvation,
a country, a church woe is suffering from hunger of spirit or hunger of body.

Results are

and loneliness.
Where are sympathy, kindness and generosity?

Human love of freedom, in humanity hearts, is democracy.

Liberty from slavery, which is democracy, should have shown all of these existentially.

In the violations of human rights, a top problem is human trafficking.

A decent respect for each one is a good sense of personal responsibility, promising
no danger,
and freedom from harm.
An idea of the brighter sun, a rising sun and not a setting sun, that is an interregnum.

Lastly, the great fallacy in political events is another big thing to see of a country and church woes.

It implies forever chaos.
Why is being on top of everything doesn’t assure humanity of a ruling perfectionism?
Does this mean having great leaders is not necessarily being organized on the basis of materialism?

What is to be done?

To a state now forgone?

In the full vision of

and justice,

a human has a right of

and the pursuit of happiness.

No one can take such away from him.

No lie comes from these truths and dream.

© 2013 thyra

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Very well spoken, Thyra...I love the emotions invoking freedom...it's weird what we learn from history on what that is, as well...an idea, a belief can transcend yet become extremely dogmatic, that one can lose freedom. Nicely scribed.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Ordinarily I don't really approve of games with formatting and font and things like that, but considering that this is very minor, I think it works for you. You've managed to highlight the things that you feel are important about the piece and the content itself is biting and both light and dark in places. Very well done.

Posted 10 Years Ago

a human has a right of
and the pursuit of happiness.
Equal opportunity, but not equal outcomes.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on March 5, 2013
Last Updated on March 5, 2013
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