stopping in a hall of mirrors:

stopping in a hall of mirrors:

A Poem by timcampbell

i was looking out into
the night, into the pool
i was waiting for a wave
to come crash over me
and take me down

i looked into the water
and saw a man there and
he was saying to himself
"just try and work your magic on me"
and i turned around, but he was there

and i saw in him bloodshot eyes
and i saw in him a cherry smile
and his lips curled, but down;
and his eyes watered, remorseful

i looked up towards the sky
and saw a hook from which to hang
things of whatever fashion; to be
reflected; "maybe you'll see yourself"
said he to me; "maybe" i thought.

and i looked out around for him
his omniscient but never-present self
and i looked at him and him at me
a bright face, eyes deep back in his skull
and he copied my every motion

i looked out to the ground
and all i could imagine was earth
my eye muscles atrophied, from no use
they played tricks on me in my age
i focused and all i could see was red

and i saw in it the same small man
and i saw in it myself somewhere
and i looked back to find him there
and i looked all around this hall

and i tried to send this thought to you
in hopes that you would receive it
and lay eyes upon me one more time,
revisit the spot that we loved together.

but if this thought doesn't reach you,
someone will. look around this hall
and your name's reflected in life;
a sweet surprise for a sweet woman.

my eye muscles atrophied, from no use,
relax. and my eyelids weak, from no sleep,
i work his magic and i see myself and
i try on one last cherry smile, but
my lips curl down and my eyes water

and my instruments have loosed their grip
upon me as i have upon them and i
return back to my mother earth after
having passed through this hall of mirrors.

© 2009 timcampbell

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Author's Note

Suicidal clown reminiscing and killing himself. Enjoy!

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Added on May 5, 2009
Last Updated on June 20, 2009



Mannheim, Germany

My name's Timothy Campbell and I like to write poetry. I'm 18 years old and I live in Mannheim, Germany. I am a senior at Mannheim High School and graduate in June 2009! Can't wait. more..