A Voter's Poem...or maybe a chip on her shoulder?

A Voter's Poem...or maybe a chip on her shoulder?

A Poem by Tinasha LaRayé

Now that people have voted

Many will take off their coat of good citizenship

And hang it up in their closets of forgetfulness

Once they’ve posted all of their facebook quotes

Uploaded their instagram photos

And tweeted their latest gloats

Many will most likely go back to the popular status quo

Of ignorance

We master the art of showmanship

Until it’s time to show up to row the real ship for man

To sew a seed into a plan

To write out a vision and take a stand

And not the foldable, bendable, undependable cardboard stand

Where you scratched in your bubbles

Ruffled your 5’oclock stubble as you tried to figure out the meaning

Of the non-presidential all-local questions you never took the time to study

Because 5 extra minutes would’ve been too much trouble

Only have a voice when your pen screeches across the paper

But when time to rally with your neighbors

You’ve got “Thunder Up” or your private training to be a master gamer as your disclaimer to being a procrastinator when it comes to true change

Presidential elections bringing fame to the idea of making a difference

But like most famous things in America,

We want it quick and easy, gotta make palms greasy

If it takes too much time and energy, then it “ain’t for me”

Leaving it up to the senate folks and the peeps chilling in the House to rep me

I’ll just continue to howl from my social media what the media has handed me from their bent boxes

Lenses bent to see only one angle

Sides red to blue to confused become the contorted triangles

We dangle from our rear view mirrors in support

Of a divisive sort of sport

We call patriotism

Renting opinions from bosses

Copying and pasting blogs into my mental office

But never researching what the total cost is

For my absent mindedness

Absentee ballot patting me on the back

Scratching at the scabs of the last wounds I endured

From the last aftermath of my 1-day responsible voting hands

Present for the watch parties

But absent for the relief efforts to pick up debris from all the casualties

Of stubborn selfish mentalities


Yes, now that people have voted

We can go on to take over the world

And let them borrow, no, adopt our bitter-twisted

Cherry-blueberry swirl popsicle

We call the sweet taste of democracy

Campaign slogan-ed bureaucracy:

“Give em a taste

Give em a taste

Can’t let em waste this special treat”

Sweet tasty treat on a November eve

And all we feel is cold

From the age-old game of robbing the truth to get the gold

Standing outside after daylights savings time

With hand on chest and eyes on stars rippling on a flag through stale wind

Pledging my allegiance to a land

That stands under everything…but God

But still want to win His blessings...?


Oh! Now that we all have voted,

I pray at least twenty more people stay present

In the quest for finding ways to put down pride’s weapons

And pick up solutions to questions that plague communities

Like in Pharaoh’s day

Please, spirit of fallacy

Let my people go

So we can journey through the wilderness

To true change


…still waiting to see that Promised Land





© 2012 Tinasha LaRayé

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Added on November 7, 2012
Last Updated on November 7, 2012


Tinasha LaRayé
Tinasha LaRayé


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