Blood Red

Blood Red

A Poem by Tinasha LaRayé

we all bleed the same color...

If you cut me, I'll bleed
Same as he 
Same as she
Same as any of lighter or darker breeds
and I bleed red
blood red
Ain't no other color to it
No black, no brown, no yellow hue will do
God made up His mind 'bout
what He wanted on the inside
And when you take a peek
You'll see
Ain't much different from you to me
Except this thin thing called skin
Delicate and fragile and fading
Distracted by the package
We ignore the contents
Tocking like time bombs
Our tickers could use resetting
It's not a skin problem
It's a heart issue
Infected tissues
Secreting hate residue
Throughout our being
To think less of you
Is to forget 
We all bleed
And many have bled out til dead
So that blood would be all that matters
And skin is what we celebrate
And I will remember their red
Poured out in a field
Laid up on a tree
Spilled in an alley
Crying out to me
not to repeat 
But to retreat inside the vein of the rhythm of the beating heart
I bleed

© 2014 Tinasha LaRayé

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Added on March 15, 2014
Last Updated on March 15, 2014
Tags: racism, reconciliation, humanity, love, peace, harmony, pain, healing, world


Tinasha LaRayé
Tinasha LaRayé


I am because my mother birthed me my father planted me my God created me. Life has unfolded for me in 29 chapters so far with two brothers a smile and a few good memories to show for it. I am because .. more..