A Poem by Chicky

A person's favourite colour can reveal a lot about who they are.


Yellow will always be a sad favorite color.

Because despite its bright, cheerful appearance,

And the way it paints everything we label as happy;

Like sunflower fields, and bumblebees, and birds perched on swaying branches--

It seems as though sad people are attracted to it the most.

And maybe it’s simply because yellow is just their favorite color.

Or maybe it’s because there’s a sense of hope associated with the specific hue.

Like the light at the end of a tunnel, if you will.

Regardless of whatever hardships someone may be dealing with alone--

Whether that be divorce, assault, or even having to move away from home--

Yellow will always be there as a reminder

That the sun has to set after each day

In order for us to witness a beautiful sunrise with its golden rays.

And while yellow can’t solve all of our problems

As our shadows will follow us wherever we go,

It still lets us know

That its pigmentation will always be here

To lighten our days

And to brighten our hearts

Even if all we want is to just disappear,

And it’s weird.

How a color can speak louder than words

And listen better than a pair of perfect ears ever could:


It’s the color of confusion as people ask “why”

Because you can’t just say there’s this way

It fills the abyss inside,

So you say it’s happy.

How you’re happy,

And outgoing,

And you lie.

Yellow will always be a sad favorite color.

Which is why I have chosen for it to be mine. 

© 2022 Chicky

Author's Note

I'm back! This is a poem I wrote MONTHS ago but never quite got around to publishing. Honest thoughts and constructive critiques are welcome as always :)

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I like this poem and honestly it is true. Yellow is a happy color. There is just something about it that automatically defines joy.

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on August 10, 2022
Last Updated on August 10, 2022
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A Poem by Chicky