Who I Am

Who I Am

A Poem by Cierra

I'm not sure this makes sense, but it all came out at once so I decided to post it.

Who we see isn't who we are.
The person I think I am, is not who I appear to be.
And the person I appear to be, will never be me.
Everyone has an opinion, everyone knows someone else.
No two people will know the same me.
My attitude changes, each person knows the truth,
But no one knows who I am, to myself.
My thoughts are kept secret, no one reads my mind.
The things I say, the things I do, change in every situation.
Each person brings out a different version of who I am
And no one will ever get the full picture.
I have convinced myself of what I am, but few people see these things.
I am never the same as I was and I'll never be who I am.
Each day, each new encounter, each time I share myself,
They will change me until I am unrecognizable.
I will never be who people think I am and I won't stay who I see myself to be.
When I look into the mirror, I may look the same,
But when I look at my hopes, my dreams, my tears,
I'll know that who I am isn't who I was and who I was will never be who I am.

© 2015 Cierra

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It makes me wonder if we're not all born with split personalities. There's the outside you and the inside you; the one few people see.
You've opened a topic most of us have probably thought about, but never thought too much about writing about it.
Neat-o-cool stuff.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I think about who I am quite a bit. You are right - there are many versions of yourself. I' m not convinced that we know ourselves too well. I think we are good at hiding stuff deep but also perhaps undervaluing our worth. It is hard to put all these thoughts together to make sense but you have done the best thing to just get it out.
You might find my story 'the nemesis within' about how we can bury and forget.
Cheers and well done.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Everyone wears a mask, and sometimes even the mirror lies.
Great poem @Cierra.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I love this!
You should expand on it!

Posted 7 Years Ago

My first reaction was that this was awesome! I loved it! You capture the essence of who we are as human beings with such accuracy, it's amazing! My favorite line is "I'll know that who I am isn't who I was and who I was will never be who I am". Perfect!

Posted 7 Years Ago


7 Years Ago

Thank you so much! I do very much enjoy that line as well
Sebastian Falzarano

7 Years Ago

Your very weclome! I was glad to read such a great poem that really captures the gist of human natur.. read more
Quite the mysterious creature :) as all great writers are

Posted 7 Years Ago

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I like to narrate things in my head using different voices and accents. I like to leave people guessing. I like listening to classical music and imagining things that will never be reality. Writing i.. more..

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